BETZEFER's new album "Entertain Your Force Of Habit" released Worldwide on September 21st via Metalville Records. The album consists of ten of the most rock n' roll, heavy, massive and powerful songs.
Artwork created by Yonatan Bereskin & Ricardo Werdesheim @ Studio ZAZ (Art Design) and Shahar Hemo @ Studio Plain (Graphic Design).

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 02 Oct 2018


1. One Way to No Way
2. Dead Lines
3. Ain't No Party 'Til You Hurt Somebody
4. Never Been
5. Crash
6. Light Away
7. Truck Leaking Gasoline
8. Dying Man
9. Hand in Hand to Hell
10. The Last Song in the World


After releasing two independent EPs and following the signing of a record deal for their self-produced debut album with Roadrunner Records, BETZEFER established their status as Israel's biggest and most successful metal band and set on a long episode of touring - playing, among others, as main support for the likes of Soulfly and Lamb of God in their European tours. Their immediate success with the new foreign crowds quickly put them on the main stages of the big summer festivals. Back in Israel, the band grew even stronger and started crossing into mainstream awareness, headlining the rock stages of the biggest Israeli festivals and constantly earning more and more attention from the local media.

In the summer of 2006, the band was contacted by New York filmmaker Noah Shulman, who wished to shoot a new BETZEFER video. The video immediately joined 'Down Low' on the playlists of traditional media shows such as MTV's Headbangers Ball and M|2's 120 Metal Minutes.

In March 2007, the band went on tour as the main support for Sepultura and Upon their return to Israel opened for Megadeth in front of a crowd numbering in the thousands. Later this year, they parted ways with Roadrunner Records.

Early 2008, following a lengthy pre-production period, BETZEFER finally entered the studio to create their second full-length record titled 'Freedom to the Slave Makers', this time in a live recording session in pursuit of a more organic flavor to their sound. The band started looking for a new producer who could complement their hard work at the studio, and shortly afterwards were contacted by Warren Riker (Down, Santana, Lauren Hill), who was found to be a perfect match.

Upon finishing 'Freedom to the Slave Makers', the band's most aspiring effort to date, BETZEFER was booked to play the main stage of the Ozzfest Festival in Tel-Aviv and Shortly after, a new record deal was signed with AFM Records for a worldwide release.

The Band went on a european tour supporting artists such as Gwar, Cavalera Conspiracy, Pro-Pain and returned to play the main stage at the With Full Force Festival in Germany. after returning to Tel-Aviv, BETZEFER released to Youtube a Full Live Anniversary Show that was filmed and recorded in Tel-Aviv titled '10 Fuckin Years'.

On March 2012, MTV Israel decided it's time for israel to have its own Metal Show on Israeli Television and Betzefer were asked to host the weekly show.

"Betzefer's Headbangers Ball", filmed in the band's private rehearsal studio, turns the spotlight to metal music and present classic as well as fresh videos from the genre alongside videos from Israeli metal bands in the "Top 10" format, in the best of MTV tradition. On a weekly basis, different Israeli metal bands as well as international artists join BETZEFER at their rehearsal studio, guaranteeing an intense, funny and crazy viewing experience for the Israeli metalheads.

For the past year and a half, the band has been hard at work writing, recording and producing their third full album titled ‘Suicide Hotline’. Last September the band went into the studio with long time friend and producer Tue Madsen (The Haunted, Sick Of It All, Mnemic) who they already worked with on their Roadrunner Records debut, 'Down Low' - to complete the final stages of the new Album.


Pitz Aachbar (EP - 2000)
Some Tits, but No Bush (EP - 2001)
New Hate (EP - 2003)
Fuckin' Rock 'n' Roll (Single - 2005)
Down Low (Full Length - 2005)
Freedom to the Slave Makers (Full Length - 2011)
The Devil Went Down to the Holy Land (Full Length - 2013)
Never Been (Single - 2016)
Entertain Your Force of Habit (Full Length - 2018)


Aharon Ragoza - Vocals Matan Cohen-Grumi - Guitar Roey Berman - Drums Rotem Inbar - Bass
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