The idea of Airship-Custome-Storytelling theme in combination with NWOBHM, energy, punk's speed, melodies and injected traditional heavy metal led to the creation of something really fresh and catchy!

Article by Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 29 March 2018

Automaton is the follow-up of band's debut predecessor 'Bold New Horizon'. The crew decided to make this one self-titled as they went a completely different direction by recording the entire album on analog tape rather than digital tracking.


🎧 We Say...No More [02:14]
🎧 The Cull [04:02]
🎧 Blanket of Night [05:19]
🎧 Facings [03:46]
🎧 Highbinder [05:11]
🎧 Tavern in the Sky [04:56]
🎧 Verdict be Damned [04:35]
🎧 Automata [05:31]
🎧 The Imprisonment of Duncan Batchworth III [01:57]
🎧 The Trial of Duncan Batchworth III [04:02]

Release Notes

Music written by AUTOMATON

Lyrics written by Ryan Carney and David Sugerman
Additional Lyrics for the Trial by Nick Raia

Benjamin Batchworth in The Trial on Duncan Batchworth III: Joe Harbison

Recorded/Mixed by Will Chewning of Springhurst Recording Studio
Mastering by Sneak Attack Studios

Album Art: Lo Carney

Crew's Special Thanks and Shout Outs,

We would like to thank all of our amazing fans, friends, and family for keeping the airship flying. Without you, there would be no second album. Cheers to all of you for supporting the band and it's endeavors!

Springhurst Recording Studio, Will Chewning, Sneak Attack Studios, Alyx Mclaughlin, Cryptographic Photography and Cinematography, Pamela Carney, Urban Artifact Brewery, Will Feiner, Radio Artifact, Strange Talk at Radio Artifact, Native Noise, and Joe Harbison.

Thank you all for your support in this album's production and release. This album is dedicated to Connor McCauley


AUTOMATON hail from Cincinnati, Ohio - USA, delivering Barrel-chested and fancy vested Steampunk metal since 2012. The musicians are characters who prepare for conflict in an aggressive new wave of traditional metal sound mixed with folk and power metal spirit.

They bring a large-scale rock show complete with storytelling, humor, costume, debauchery, and catchy melodies that welcome the most staunch metalheads as well as those who may not have even realized they like metal

The Airship 'Initiative' crew,

Duncan Batchworth III - the ship benefactor :: Vocals, Captain Luther Meade :: Guitars, Mechanic James O'Brian :: Drums, Isaac Grimwood (stowaway) :: Bass, Professor Markus Wolverhampton :: Guitars
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