by Kostas, Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 20 March 2018

Band offers a unique mixture of progressive post-elements and aggressiveness. If you consider the fact that it's an instrumental entity this makes the whole thing more interesting!

A View From Afar consists of 5 tracks in a total duration of 54 minutes. The album is based on polythematic enorchestration and the quality of the production makes it easier for the listener to get in to the trip.


  • The Highest Shrine - 09:05
  • Caverns of Light - 08:51
  • Tartarus - 10:28
  • Earthshifter - 08:53
  • The Great Divide - 18:29

Artwork and Graphic Design by Teilchensturm


Below A Silent Sky hails from Ilmenau, Germany and was founded in 2012. Since that time band released one EP in 2013, their debut "Corrosion" in 2015 and now the second album "A View From Afar"


Heinz :: Drums, Christian :: Guitar, Robin :: Guitar, Diego :: Bass

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