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by Kostas

Posted on February 24, 2018

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Ocularis Infernum is a Black - Death - Symphonic metal band from Riga, Latvia.
Their music is a constant battle between major and minor, between heaviness and melancholia, between soul ripping soundtrack music and heavy riffs and brutal vocals.

Band's lyrics concern social issues, philosophy, nihilism and even environmental protection. Ocularis Infernum cannot be put in a niche, they are 3 individuals from different musical backgrounds and that is exactly what makes band's music so unique.

Ocularis Infernum

Currently consisting of 3 members: : Andris Začs - Guitar / Bass, Magnuss Znatajs - Keyboards and Māra Sekhmet - Vocals.

Latest News

Band's keyboardist Magnuss was crowned as the Best Metal Musician in Latvian Metal Awards 2017. #RigaLatvia

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