This is the second butchery - full length - blast by the Swedish satanic maniacs Odeum Deus. It's a 2018's followup to 'Fist Fight'. Savage DEATH METAL to the bone. Not forget to mention the GREATNESS of that fucking artwork. Check it out now!

by Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 12 Dec 2019

Things are quite simple! Odeum Deus hails from Sweden while delivering a massive amounts of Death Metal.


The band has been around for almost ten years, changing band members and sound, with Putte being the founding member. Looking for the (black)magic touch we got a reputation locally as the band that kept firing vocalists.

While biding our time and rehearsing steadily, all band members have contributed with songwriting (though Börna would be considered the main songwriter), we created a signature sound while still being able to sound fresh.

When at last, all pieces were at place, with the addition of new brilliant vocalist Joel, we hurried in the studio and recorded the debut album "Fist Fight" in just four days. Ten tracks of concise, to the point, dark, heavy and frostbitten metal.

Update 2019 :: Band gives birth to it's second dark, satanic and violent embryo - entitled 'Knife Fight'. A slaughterhouse consists of nine murderous tracks, proof of their undergo evolution through the years.


  • Fist Fight
  • Knife Fight


Piotr :: Fretless Bass, Putte :: Drums, Joel :: Vocals, Hampus :: Lead Guitar, Börna :: Rhythm Guitar

Editors Pick

🎧 Knife Fight ★★★★★
Three horsemen of the apocalyps!
Spelning imorgon! Blir hårt 🤘
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