The debut release ‘Ante Ruinam’ of ‘The Last Oblation’ is finally here, and delivers seven tracks of twenty five minutes savagery. The reason I really enjoyed this album is because the duet of Juanjo and Dani delivers a combination of catchy riffology and multirange schizo-vocals while preserving the status of Death Metal high.

Article by Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 25 March 2018


The Last Oblation hail from Catalunya, Spain. The band was formed at the end of 2016 by Juanjo Pérez (Bizarre, Ex Human Carnage, Ex Avgrunn) as One Man Project . A year later when Dani Torres ( Ex Human Carnage, Ex Instinto Canibal) joined forces they decided to release their first single "Aurum Deceptio". Due to the great acceptance of the project they decided to be established as a former band, looking for musicians to make it to the stages.


Juanjo Pérez :: Songwriting, Bass & Guitars and Dani Torres :: All kind of Vocals


🎧 Aurum Deceptio
🎧 Omnibus SIleo
🎧 Sanguinem Paenitentiam
🎧 Aequitate Episteme Exitium
🎧 Principium
🎧 Proelium
🎧 In ruinam

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