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by Mayo Neza

Posted on February 13, 2018 at 19:59

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An Irish "Six Pack" of Death Metal! Unique combination of Grooviness, Progressiveness and Death Metal Tunes.

The Band has worked very closely with artists Leonardo Sartorelli and Karl Keelaghan to bring the band's artwork into focus and with special effect crew Bowsie Workshop to extend that artwork into live shows.

They 've recently published the Second track - 128 - of their forthcoming self-titled album. You can listen below,

The Sluagh is a six piece progressive death metal band from Dublin, Ireland

Band Members : Sean, Killian and A'avi - Guitars, Krzys - Bass, Oleg - Drums & Jorge - Vocals

Latest News

The band is currently writing and recording in Trackmix Recording Studio and plan to release their self titled album in mid 2018.

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