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by Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: Posted on March 13, 2018

War of Thrones is a new 2011 metal band with old school metal influence written into their music, creating original heavy songs from the ground up. Their live shows deliver energy and theatrics that form a metal alliance.


Iconic vocalist Wade Black and virtuoso guitarist Rick Renstrom have combined forces again to resume what may be one of the best song writing partnerships in metal history! Beginning in 2012, the two metal veterans, along with new recruits Rich Marks and Jasin Marxx, will unleash their ground-shaking metal onslaught, War of Thrones!

Wade is no stranger to metal. For more than two decades, Wade has thrilled audiences worldwide fronting such legendary metal bands Crimson Glory, Seven Witches, and Leatherwolf.

Wade honed his songwriting skills in 2003, working with Rick to form Leash Law. Wade is the primary lyricist for War of Thrones and has conjured an unprecedented collection of twisted tales.

Wade Black - War Of Thrones

Rick entered the scene in 2000, joining legendary vocalist Rob Rock's touring and recording band. Having toured around the world, hundreds of thousands have witnessed Rick's incredible and inspiring guitar playing. To watch Rick play is to know that some individuals are born for a specific purpose, and that purpose will not be denied!

Rick released his searing solo album 'Until the Bitter End' in 2003, and went on to be one of the most highly sought-after guest guitarists in metal. His signature style can be found on the albums by some of the biggest names in metal.

War Of Thrones

Joining Wade and Rick are bass player Rich Marks. Delivering a booming low end combined with virtuosic moving lines and massive technical ability, Richi's style not only adds incredible tone to the songs, but also whips the material into an amazing whirlwind of power.

Although relatively unknown to the masses, Rich will quickly be regarded as one of the best new players in the industry.

The Band,

has already amassed a mighty arsenal of metal songs to feature on their forthcoming debut album, Conflict and Creation. War of Thrones is ready to bring the Metal in a new and exciting way, prepared for any battle!

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