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by Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: Posted on March 12, 2018

Fusing grunge, nu-metal, punk and industrial rock, The Social Norm (TSN) originally started as a studio project for prolific drummer and mulit-instrumentalist Tim Godwin (Jonval [Syd], Faraway Towns [Melb]. Symptoms Persist [Canb], Freddie McLennan [Melb, Canb, Hanoi] - To name a few).


Needing to return to his heavier roots, Tim recruited Frankie Farrugia(Napoleonic), SeaBass Shanks (Jonval, The Henry Forjds) and Bec Gow (Ruby Run) to bring together a live combination of fierce vocals, big guitars, bass, analogue synth and smashing drums to deliver a loud and energetic show.

The Band,

Currently consisting of 3 members: : Tim Godwin: Vocals/Guitar, Armitage 'SeaBass' Shanks: Bass, Bec Gow: Guitar, Drums: Frankie Farrugia


  • [Single] - Yours and Mine
  • [Single] - Bitter Sweet Side
  • [Single] - Less is more

In 2018, TSN plans to gain a solid local following, before to releasing new material towards the end of the year.

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The Social Norm
The Social Norm
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The Social Norm
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