The new Dali Thundering Concept album fucking rips. There is no better intro to this review i can give. Trust me I tried, this is the best one!! - By itDjents

'SAVAGES' is the latest release of the French Mathcore - Djent band The Dali Thundering Concept. It contains 11 exceptional tracks and released via Apathia Records & Thundering Production on April 13th.

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 26 April 2018


1. Ostrich Dynasty
2. 🎧 The Myth of Happiness
3. Blessed with Boredom
4. Cassandra
5. There is no Calm before the Storm
6. 🎧 Ink
7. Flying with the Shepherds
8. Demeter
9. Empty the Void
10. 🎧 Utopia
11. We build the Past


The Dali Thundering Concept is a four piece band founded in 2010. Offering a symbiosis between deathcore brutality and prog/djent aerial parts, the band made a first move in 2012 with a first concept EP about the evolution of art, Whent X Met Y.

Two years later, they released a commited debut album, Eyes Wide Opium, thanks to which they take place among the references of french modern metal bands.

In 2015, the band truly begins to spread internationally, they start touring accross Europe, play festivals such as UK Tech Fest or Euroblast, and share the stage with heavyweights of the scene such as Animals as Leader, Between the Buried and Me, Textures, Protest the Hero, Betraying the Martyrs, Monuments, Heart of a Coward, Decapitated, Tesseract or Fit for an Autopsy and more.

After a reedition of their first EP When X Met Y in February 2016 and two European tours, The Dali Thundering Concept have released 'Savages' on the 13rd of April 2018.



Sylvain CONIER : Vocals LÊo NATALE : Guitar Steve TREGUIER : Bass Martin GRONNIER : Drums Cesar : Staff and Mascot Nico CAZAUX : Communication & Promotion