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We questioned Börna - Guitarist of Odeum Deus

Things are quite simple! Odeum Deus hails from Sweden while delivering a massive amounts of Death Metal.

Odeum Deus is a member of the UnderWorld Map

Kostas :: What type of band are you?
Börna :: We are a classic Metal/Deathmetal band.

Kostas :: How the “Odeum Deus” came up?
Börna :: We made a ritual sacrifice to our lord Satan. Odeum Deus was his response.

Kostas :: Tell us the brief history of your band.
Börna :: Eons ago, our drummer Putte “the basher” started the project “teach children to worship satan”. That project evolved into what you see and hear today.

Kostas :: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
Börna :: The short answer would be Satan. But we are influenced by all the classics before us. It is hard to namedrop just a few.

Kostas :: What are your dreams and goals?
Börna :: Have you ever seen the cult show Metalocalypse? The goal is to be bigger and better \m/

Kostas :: 10 years of history, line-up changes and 3 singles – Any plans for a full-length?
Börna :: Indeed there is. We have so much material and so little studio time. But a full-length release is due to come out in the near future.

Kostas :: Who is responsible for your pretty solid artwork?
Börna :: We owe all our thanks to our bass players avantgarde girlfriend. He comes up with the idea and she paints it.

Kostas :: Where do your recordings take place? How you manage the process of writing a song?
Börna :: So far we record at the Studiefrämjandet's recording studio in Eskilstuna. Our process of writing songs is not that complicated. I (Börna) usually write some heavy riffs and then present them to the rest of the band. If we all like it, we take it from there.

Kostas :: How do you promote your band and shows?
Börna :: Mostly through social media. And the classic poster bombing all over town

Kostas :: Describe your show, visual and musically?
Börna :: Our shows are intense and never lacking. Visually we aim for a dark and sinister look, hidden under the average joe. Musically we aim to be true to our self and never surrender to trendy sounds and gimmicks.

Kostas :: What's your outlook on the record industry today?
Börna :: My outlook on todays record industry is not that good. My belief is that they only look at profit and sales. They only try to please the broader mass. But yet I stay positive, because this leads me to believe that the metal and rock industry will go back to its grassroot glorious days.

Kostas :: What inspires you to do what you do?
Börna :: Nothing inspires me to do what I do. For me it is a need, a craving. A hard to quit drug. I have to write, play and listen to metal as much as I have to breathe.

Kostas :: How does music affect you and the world around you?
Börna :: Music colours every aspect of my life. I believe it does for everyone in this world.

Kostas :: : What are the biggest obstacles for bands?
To come to the realisation that you play and rehears locally. But from day one you are in competition with all the major bands that came before you and all the other bands that are trying to make it big. There are so many talented musicians and bands that never make it because they never understand what they are up against.

Kostas :: : Any plans for live performance in the near future?
There is always plan for live performances. We take all the gigs we able to book.

Kostas :: Closing this interview i would like to thank you and ask you to share a word to your Greek fans.
Börna :: Thank you very much, Kostas. Thanks for the warm welcome and support. It means a lot to us. We would be nothing without your support. Stay true and metal!!! \m/

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