Heavy Metal OTD meets Christopher Knauer

Interview with the Guitarist of Reaper's Revenge

The band was founded in 2013 to impress the world’s headbangers with their selfwritten music. As soon as the line up was completed the band started to work on their first album. “Wall Of Fear And Darkness” was released in October 2014.

Virtual Impulse is out Now!

Kostas :: What type of band are you?
Christopher :: I would say that we are a traditional metal band. Musically our release Virtual Impulse is a mix of Power and Thrash Metal. We don’t focus on a fix genre. We just try to write good music and see what comes out.

Kostas :: Tell us the brief history of your band.
Christopher :: Reaper’s Revenge was founded 2013 by Christian Bösl and Philipp Wein. In late 2014 we released our first record Wall Of Fear And Darkness. After that we played a lot of live shows all over Germany. Unfortunately Philipp left the band during the songwriting process of Virtual Impulse. But we found an awesome replacement for him. On third of February we released Virtual Impulse.

Kostas :: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
Christopher :: The musical influences differ from bandmember to bandmember. I (Christopher) love a lot of genres. But my number one always will be Thrash Metal. Our singer Christian for example is more into the melodic styles of metal like Power Metal. His biggest influence is Ronnie James Dio. Klaus and Hermann are the old school metalheads and Dominique is the most flexible guy in our band. To name musicians that influenced us would probably be an endless list. Non-musically we are influenced by everything that happens in the world. But mostly the negative things. That’s why a lot of our lyrics are socio-critical.

Kostas :: What are your dreams and goals?
Christopher :: Our dreams are definitely to enter much bigger stages. We love playing live-shows. I think that’s the most important reason for us to play music. It would be great to play in front of much bigger crowds than we do now. But of course we also enjoy smaller club gigs.

Kostas :: Who writes the songs, what are they about?
Christopher :: The songwriting is done by the whole band. Somebody starts with a musical idea and after that we try altogether to make the best possible song out of this idea. The most ideas come from our guitarists. But that has not te be always the case. As I already said in an earlier question the most lyrics are socio-critical and claiming about humanity. But there are also songs dealing with other stuff. The Reaper’s Dance for example is about overcoming fear of flight and dying in the end because to plane crashes. And in Two Of Me you can hear the thoughts of a kinda schizophrenic guy.

Kostas :: How do you promote your band and shows?
Christopher :: The most important way to promote your band and shows nowadays are the social networks. On other channels it is hard to get reach.

Kostas :: Describe your show, visual and musically.
Christopher :: In our live shows we try to get as much energy in our music as possible. The most important for us is, that the people see that we enjoy doing what we do. There’s a lot of movement so that the people don’t only have something for their ears. Of course our aim is to animate the people to completely get crazy.

Kostas :: What do you think about downloading music online?
Christopher :: That’s something the music industry has to deal with nowadays. Of course you have to differ between people who download music without paying and the ones who pay for the music. But in our opinion downloading illegally doesn’t always have to be a bad thing for the bands. If those people stick to your music and attend your shows or buy your stuff after they checked out your music everything is fine.

CD Releaseparty vom 03.02.2018 mit Tarchon Fist und Teeth Of Lamb Bilder Copyright: DigitalstandArt

Kostas :: What's your outlook on the record industry today?
Christopher :: That’s really hard to answer. Of course streaming portals like Spotify are on the run. But we can see that the real fans of this kind of music don’t stop buying CDs or vinyls. The most metalheads out there try to support their idols and hope this won’t change in the future.

Kostas :: What's your claim to fame?
Christopher :: I don’t really know if we are famous. At the moment we see ourself as an underground band. But I think what makes us special are our energetic live shows.

Kostas :: Tell us a story about a day in your life.
Christopher :: Well, it’s much more normal as you may think. We all have normal jobs in Reaper’s Revenge and so do I. A normal weekday start at 05:30 with getting up and taking a shower. Work starts between 06:30 and 07:00 and ends at 4 pm. When I am at home I eat something and afterwards I prepare the orders of our online shop on our website. When the orders are ready I start playing guitar or go to the gym to lift heavy weights. At maybe around 8 pm I normally drive to my girlfriend and let the day die away.

Kostas :: What inspires you to do what you do?
Christopher :: I think what inspires us all is our love and passion for Metal. And if there would only be 10 people that love our music we would also continue just for those 10. Fortunately there are more metalheads that like our music.

Kostas :: What advice would you give to fellow bands?
Christopher :: Always give your best. Be real. Write you music how you think it’s the right way. Use the internet and social media to grow your fanbase.

Kostas :: How does music affect you and the world around you?
Christopher :: As I am a die hard metal fan of course the music affects me a lot. This starts with my clothes just to show the world what’s your passion. And of you have that feeling to belong to a bigger scene where loyalty and solidarity is really important. The most obvious affect for the world around me is that sometimes people have to listen to metal because I do even if they maybe don’t want to.

Kostas :: What's new in the recording of your music?
Christopher :: The recording process was pretty similar to our first album Wall Of Fear And Darkness. The biggest difference was that we all recorded at home in our home studios. Last time we drove to a friend with his own home studio. But the procedure was nearly the same. We use modern digital technologies like the Kemper for guitar recordings. After the recordings were done we the tracks out to a professional mixing and mastering engineer to do the rest of the work.

Kostas :: What are the biggest obstacles for bands?
Christopher :: The biggest obstacle for bands nowadays is to stick out of the massive amount of new bands. The internet and social media definitely have their opportunities for bands. But the bad thing about them is that they are pretty easy to use for everyone. For the listeners it’s hard to select between the all the new releases and to find the stuff that they really like. And of course there’s also a lot of crap out there because it’s that easy to release music today.

Kostas :: What's the best and worst thing about playing clubs?
Christopher :: The worst thing are the sometimes way to small stages. We need space to give our fans a perfect live show because of all that movement happening on stage. The best thing about clubs is the great atmosphere. It has this old school Rock’n’Roll vibe which is really great.

Kostas :: Tell us about your next shows and why we should be there.
Christopher :: As I already said we see our self as a live band. We love being on stage and really want to show this to our fans. Just visit one of our shows to make your own opinion. Maybe you’ll be infected and will visit more than just this one show. For 2018 a lot of shows are planned but not all of them are already officially advertised. Just check regularly on our website or facebook page and you will be perfectly informed about our upcoming gigs.

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