Erik Hillströms - Vocals for Hellsingland

Hellsingland come from Sweden. The band spews forth one epic dirge of supreme underground Black Metal. They have successfully built the time machine which will guide you through your Journey to the early '90s Norwegian era.

Hellsingland is a member of the UnderWorld Map

So, hello Erik! I am Kostas! Lets get to know your band a little more.
Hello Kostas!

Kostas :: What type of band are you?
Erik :: It's more like a project than a band. We just try to make the music we are Dedicated to. We try to catch the feeling from the second wave of black metal from Norway and put some Bathory into it. We don't rehearse, we're just communicate on whatzapp almost every day. Sending sound files and ideas. I don't know if the drummer and gutar player even have met each other in real life... We record ore own stuff and mostly Henka put it all togheter.

Kostas :: How/Why Hellsingland? Will you give us a picture of what it means?
Erik :: Because Bathory, Darkthrone and Mayhen was already taken.(Laughs)
Hellsingland is the part in the middle of Sweden where me and Kråkan (Peter Jonsson) lives in the town Bollnäs. Hälsingland or Helsingland is the old spelling. And we put an extra L to it.

Kostas :: Tell us the brief history of your band.
Erik :: Me and Kråkan was drunk on a bus this time of the year 2017 from Stockholm to Bollnäs. And we started to talk about to make some stuff togheter. We both wanted to do some dirty old school black metal. Just wanted to get drunk and make that kind of music we want listen to.

Kråkan just came up with Hellsingland and the day after I made a logo for fun and sent it to him. The weekend after we wrote and recorded 2 songs in my basement. Kråkan played both guitar and bass while Kenny the guitar player of our other band Korp helped us out wit programming drums. We put them on youtube and Spotify.

One of the song was played on a radio show and then nothing happend. Then a live show and a recording wit Korp came up. Hellsingland was put aside for a while.

In late december we decided to try some stuff again. Kråkan showed up wit a bag of beer, a bottle of jägermaister, his guitar and some great riffs. It ended up in Svårmod a 16 min slow epic song. It sounded great and we wanted real drums this time. I asked my old friend Henka Lindenmo. He had played in bands like Morannon, Forlorn, Sorcery ... and more.

Henka owns his own simple studio at home. He has some black metal projects going on and I know he is in to the same style as us. And he plays guitar, bass, drums and he can also sing. He puts drums to the recording and give the song what it needed with clean vocals and some keyboards. After that he came with alot of ideas of new stuff. There we are now. Making new songs all the time. Both him and Kråkan writes the music. I wrote the lyrics and helping them with ideas.

Listen to Svårmod

Kostas :: Three Singles, One EP any plans for a full-length?
Erik :: Nothing is decided yet but we want to do a full-lenghth. Next time I think we will wait until we got 8-10 tracks before we put them out.

Kostas :: Talk to me about the decision of you and Peter on Henka’s joining forces.
Erik :: I answered that alredy I think? He's very talanted and productive. We needed him to take the next step.

Kostas :: I see him behind Drums, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards & Guitar – Does this make you a studio band ? If no are you planning to get more members for live duties or you will go with session ones?
Erik :: Right now I believe we will always be a studio band. But you shall never say never. The time will tell...

Kostas :: Where do your recordings take place?
Erik :: Kråkan first used to record at my place but now he has his own equipment. I record my vocals in the basement when my family is in school and at work. Henka has his own little studio where he records stuff.

Skuggornas Välde EP [2018]

Kostas :: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
Erik :: Lemmy, Quorthon, Fenriz, darkness and death.

Kostas :: What are your dreams and goals?
Erik :: I don't know if I have a certain goal. Nothing specific I can come up with now. With Hellsingland the goal is just to keep on going. Making great songs of pure Black metal. And hopefully some one will put it out on a record some day.

Kostas :: Who writes the songs, what are they about?
Erik :: Kråkan and Henka do the music part. I sometimes comes up with some ideas and have a finger in the structures of the songs. I write all the lyrics and they mostly is about death, devastion, misery and pure fucking Armageddon.

Sometimes I find intresting stories connected to our bandname. One song on Tystnaden “1597" is about 3 women in helsingland accused for having a covent with Satan in 1597. They got death sentence to burn. The story tells that they flew over mountain and valleys to have sexual intercourse with Satan. And we working on another one wich devour about the last death penalty in Helsingland just otside of Bollnäs where we lives. The decapitation took place in 1832.

Listen to 1597

Kostas :: How do you promote your band?
Erik :: We upload material on Spotify and Youtube. And we got some help from great people like you to spread the darkness on the internet.

Kostas :: What's your outlook on the record industry today?
Erik :: I both like and hate it. I still like to buy my records and listen to them the old fashion way. But I like the opportunity to find new bands digitally. But the new way of listening probably destroy the industry for records. But so far it lives on especially in metal. I believe it's hard for small bands like us to get a record out. I don't know really what I think about it...

Kostas :: : What's your claim to fame?
Erik :: I don't know!

Kostas :: Tell us a story about a day in your life.
Erik :: A story of a day in my life it's not so relevant. It's nothing to tell about. I'm not so interesting person. I drink alot of coffee and try have a calm morning. Listening to music, television, reading and some mornings i get up and do some vocals for Hellsingland. Then its time for work to 12 pm.

Kostas :: Any word you would like to share with Greek Maniacs?
Erik :: Greek Maniacs, give Hellsingland a listening if you're into dirty,dark and old black metal! Cheers!

K: Thanks for your time Erik!
Erik: Thanks for your support!

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