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Interview With Insineratehymn

Insineratehymn is an upcoming Death Metal band from Los Angeles, CA, heavily influenced by bands such as Unleashed, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Edge of Sanity, Entombed, Pestilence, Sepultura.

Insineratehymn are members of the UnderWorld Map

Heavy Metal OTD Let's go back to the beginning. I could see that the band started 2008 but your debut released a few days ago. So, what is the story behind it?
Insineratehymn :: Our former vocalist Mauricio Lopez originally started this band in 2008. However he could not find anyone that was interested or have the knowledge of playing death metal. I think thats due to the “thrash is back” days. A lot of people were into thrash through out Los Angeles county at that time so he struggled to find people to put together a solid line up. He did tell me he tried one line up but it didn’t count. It was a bad mix because of musical differences so he ended the band early after that. I joined the band years later. I didn’t know him at the time we lived far off each other. I live South of L.A. and he lives in San Fernando Valley. I met him in 2014 at a gig I played in my previous band Transcendence. We opened up for Gravehill that night and Mauricio was at the show since it was held in his hometown. After our set he came up to me and we hung out. We stayed in contact after that and became good friends. He would often ask me if I would ever be interested in starting a band with him and sure enough came the day when started Insineratehymn officially in 2016 at a show we had gone too in Downtown LA. We went to see Cryptopsy, Obituary and Cannibal Corpse that night. From there I put the line up together since I knew more musicians than he did. I had a few line up changes but Frank and Demitree have been there from day one when we started writing the album. Mauricio left the band later on to personal reasons and he told me to carry on the name. Later Hugo joined and our good friend Miguel helped us on bass to record the album.

Heavy Metal OTD How the name ‘Insineratehymn’ came up?
Insineratehymn :: The bands name comes from the Deicide album entitled “Insineratehymn”. Mauricio is big fan of them and he told me he chose that name also because no other band had that name whenever he would search it on webzines or the metal archives etc cetera. So it was perfect for us to start this band with a name that had not been used before. Once he showed me the logo I liked it even more.

Heavy Metal OTD Are you part of any label’s roster or achieved any type of endorsement yet?
Insineratehymn :: We are currently working with Narcoleptica Productions. The label is located in Russia and they will be releasing our album on CD format. We are stoked to be working with them and thankful they are making this happen.

The artwork of A Moment In A Vision by Karl Dahmer

Heavy Metal OTD What's your band's sound?
Insineratehymn :: That’s tough to answer since everyone in the band has different influences within the death metal genre. However one thing is for sure is that we strive for our music to have a heavy sound with good musicianship. To us death metal has no boundaries and if we look at the bands that we look up too they each have their own sound and approach to death metal. Thats what makes it a great genre. Every band that has come out and also upcoming bands from today have their own sound and take on the genre.

Heavy Metal OTD What inspired your debut ‘A Moment in a Vision’ release?
Insineratehymn :: On this release I wrote the majority of the songs. During the writing process of this album I was listening to a lot of Edge of Sanity and in particular “The Spectral Sorrows” album. The sound on that album gave me the chills the first time I heard it. It was dark, and musical and in my personal opinion it was pretty heavy on the guitars. Everything on that album to me sounds huge and intimidating. However, we throw other influences like Death and Pestilence because of Demitree. His albums of choice for this release would be Death’s “Human” and "Spiritual Healing” and Pestilence’s “Testimony of the Ancients.” Thats where he brings the musicianship into the band. He put in effort in making these songs sound mature and full as oppose to how I had written them. And Frank brought in the heaviness into the band. He however doesn’t choose what band to listen too for an influence. He writes whatever comes to his head but some bands we would hear an influence from him would be Unleashed & early Morbid Angel. The list goes on. There are a few more bands that we were hearing that helped us write this album but those mentioned were the main ones. Our goal was to make this album dark, heavy and musical. To the listener on a journey.

Heavy Metal OTD How’s the reviews been so far?
Insineratehymn :: The reviews have been good to our surprise. After its release we got a few emails from independent labels and promoters that want to help us. We did not expect this sort of response coming from people like that. And as for the listeners, its been great too. We are glad to see there are people that dig the music we put out on this album. We’ve been told from listeners the album makes them feel like their in a rollercoaster. They don’t know what to expect on each song. And that means a lot. I don’t think we are the flashiest band out there but those kind of compliments mean a lot to us.

Heavy Metal OTD Where your recordings took place?
Insineratehymn :: The recordings took place at Birdcage Studios. Allen Falcon is the one who runs that. We chose this place because of Chris Monroy of Skeletal Remains. He recommended us to work with Allen. Like any upcoming band we had a limit on our budget so Chris told us Allen would be the best choice for us to go into his studio to record the album. Sure enough we are glad we went there to work with Allen. Great guy to work with. During recording he would tell us what we can do on certain parts in the songs to make them sound better or if something wasn’t working he didn’t hesitate to stop us to fix it. Theres not many audio engineers and producers like that out here. Most other studios in L.A. just want their money. But Allen isn’t like that. He doesn’t want his name to be put out there with some half assed recording. He cares about what he’s working with and thats something we liked a lot about recording here at Birdcage Studios.

Heavy Metal OTD How you manage the process of writing a track and what are your lyrical themes?
Insineratehymn :: To be honest we just jam. Sometimes one of the guys will have an idea and well jam it at the studio and work from there. But listening to music helps us a lot or going to shows too. A lot of that gives us a lot of motivation to push ourselves. As for lyrics we like to write about humanity, life and death. Theres a lot of things on our day to day life that we tend to ignore and we like to touch those topics and share them with the listener. Anything that we ignore in our reality because we don’t like to face it is what we like to write about. This could be from emotions, depression, disorders or todays humanity and our surroundings.

Heavy Metal OTD Who is the creator of your album’s artwork?
Insineratehymn :: The artwork was done by Karl Dahmer. Definitely a good artist and would recommend to any band that needs work.

Heavy Metal OTD In your opinion, how should a musician choose an artwork-artist to express his music works perfectly?
Insineratehymn :: In our opinion the best way to come up with a good cover to go with the album is by reading the lyrics and hearing you’re own music to get the vibe of your sound. Thats what we did with our cover.

Heavy Metal OTD Is there merch available? Where fans can grab their copies?
Insineratehymn :: Yes! CDs will be available by Narcoleptica Productions July 10, 2018! For anyone who wants a physical copy can pre order theirs on their Bandcamp site! We will also be having merch on our tour out here in the West Coast in August.

Heavy Metal OTD Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
Insineratehymn :: As mentioned before Edge of Sanity, Death, Pestilence, Unleashed, Morbid Angel and many other death metal bands we look up too. There are some bands in other genres we like too its not always death metal bands either. As for non-musical influences thats tough. We like to surround ourselves with positive people and other musicians who like to get things done to accomplish their goals. But for the most part a lot of the people we hang out with are musicians themselves. Like the guys in Skeletal Remains or Morfin. Whenever we see those guys practice we get influenced by them. Great musicians and bands that motivate us to keep pushing and improve. We are learning all the time.

Heavy Metal OTD How do you promote ‘Insineratehymn’?
Insineratehymn :: At these times through social media. Its necessary for any band that wants to get their name known. We use Facebook, Instagram, Bandcamp and Youtube. There also a few others aside from ourselves and the label who promote our album as well like Metal Vault, Sounds from the Crypts and Primal Darkness.

Heavy Metal OTD : Any plans for live appearances?
Insineratehymn :: Yes! We have already been playing shows in Los Angeles to get things going. Next month well playing with Solstice out here in L.A. County. We are looking forward to that show. After that we have a show out in San Diego with Invocation Spells from Chile. However we cant wait for August. Well be doing a West Coast tour with the guys in Pestilent Death. We are grateful those guys are taking us on the road. We cant wait to finally get out of home.

Heavy Metal OTD : What's your outlook on the record industry today?
Insineratehymn :: We think its always been tough. The way we see it if bigger things happen then cool and if they don’t well what can you do. Its very competitive. However we do believe an upcoming band can still get their music heard if they make the effort to promote their band and playing shows. Don’t ever expect to just kickback at home and have things handed to you. As also don’t ever leech off of other bands of their hard work. Get out there and make your connections with honesty and good things will come.

Heavy Metal OTD : Okay, for sure I would like to finalize with; what are your plans for the future?
Insineratehymn :: Aside from the playing the shows we have booked and the tour, we are already in the writing process of our second album. We are going more on the realms of Deicide, Monstrosity, Immolation, Loudblast and Grave so definitely a challenge on us. We want each release we make to be a step further from our previous work. Definitely can not wait to put out some new material.

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