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15 Questions With Jean-Luc of 'Voodoo Angel'

Voodoo Angel musical universe is close to that of Sixx AM, Velvet Revolver, B.Idol, Crashdïet and so on : Catchy choruses 'n' rock guitar riffs !

Voodoo Angel is a member of the UnderWorld Map

Kostas :: What type of band are you?
Jean-Luc :: We define ourselves as a Rock-Metal band

Kostas :: How the band's name ‘Voodoo Angel’ came up?
Jean-Luc :: Voodoo Angel evokes the duality present in each of us. Our dark side and our share of light. Voodoo Angel seems to refer to supernatural entities but it is actually very human.

Kostas :: I see that all of your bandmates including you, lay on high levels of music background, Who writes the songs and how do you manage the process of writing a song in the studio? What are the main inspirations for the lyrics you write?
Jean-Luc :: I composed the music and wrote the lyrics. The songs were finished before the recording process. The inspirations for the lyrics are very eclectic. For instance, "License To Kill" is an attempt at a psychological portrait of a young mass murderer. (Sometimes the criticism made is not to have given moral judgment in this text). "Break It Out" is a lighter topic : this song describes the state of mind of a guy who's sick of his ballbreaker girlfriend and who dreams of one thing: go to drink beers with his friends!

License To Kill taken from First Spell

Kostas :: Who are your musical influences?
Jean-Luc :: Our musical influences are quite numerous: from The Sweet & Kiss to Papa Roach & Faith No More, and via Slash, Backyard Babies, Michael Monroe and Nuno Bettencourt !

Kostas :: You had your debut album 'First Spell' out on November 2017! How have the reviews been so far?
Jean-Luc :: Overall very good and positive. We are very lucky. However, some lyrics have a little disturbed some minds.

Kostas :: In what ways has your newest music changed from when you first started?
Jean-Luc :: Definitely a more metal and heavy sound !

Kostas :: How does music affect you and the world around you?
Jean-Luc :: You want to talk about our family and our friends ? I must admit that we are a little bit tyrannical because of music. Music obsesses us 24 hours a day !

Kostas :: Billie Jean's cover sounds pretty solid! Which were band's criteria to pick a Michael Jackson's track to cover?
Jean-Luc :: Ah ! Well ... You know that metal bands love to make fun of pop singers during rehearsal sessions. (Especially after a few beers) :). That day, it was michael jackson's turn;). But for some reason, my Marshall tube amp was no longer connected to electrical ground !!! I received 450 volts in the teeth for several seconds (the feeling of burning from the inside is awful). The guys thought I was imitating Michael Jackson !!! Well, Chris snatched the power cable and ... I'm alive ! Patrick gave me first aid with 2 bottles of Jack Daniels ! (he also decided to take this medicine in solidarity with me). I think that was the moment when the idea of recording this song was born!

Voodoo Angel - Billie Jean [Cover]

Kostas :: Digging your band's material I found out you 've once opened for 'Uli Jon Roth'! When/Where did the event take place and how did this happen?
Jean-Luc :: Denis from Rockmeeting (a metal & rock webzine) listened to the album. He liked it. So he recommended Voodoo Angel for this concert.

Kostas :: Describe your show, visual and musically.
Jean-Luc :: We want to project a healthy aggression, an adrenaline rush. A rock show must allow the people to get rid off all the accumulated tensions and to forget all the problems caused by the crap period we are living. Visually, we're a pure rock band. To give you an idea, some people compare Dan's look to that of Nikki Sixx, Patrick to Mikkey Dee and Chris's attitude to that of Nuno Bettencourt. The singularity, in this style of music, is perhaps that the singer plays the keyboard on certain songs. (and not only on ballads like Axl

Kostas :: Any plans for live performance in the near future?
Jean-Luc :: Certainly ! tomorrow evening ! :). We also wonder whether we are starting to play the acoustic version of the album (which we have already recorded and that I am mixing).

Kostas :: How do you promote your band?
Jean-Luc :: We promote our band mainly in social media like YouTube and Facebook. Webzines, blogs and metal radios help us a lot. Reverbnation is a platform that also allows us to promote our music. Indeed, Voodoo Angel was selected from 600 bands by a Canadian mastering studio (Doctor Dean Audio). A brand new song should be released before summer.

Kostas :: What's your outlook on the record industry today?
Jean-Luc :: I have a mixed feeling. Technologies have made it possible to democratize access to music production. However, there is less and less artistic daring. It must be admitted that periods of recession incite people to cling to known, "comfortable" things. It's a natural psychological reflex. It's regrettable, however, that the creative processes are thwarted by questions of profitability.

Kostas :: : What do you think of the scene in France?
Jean-Luc :: There are al ot of great bands with talentuous musicians. There are many beautiful concert halls for rock and metal. There is a great audience of enthusiasts people. The weak side is that there is very little networking. If labels, concert halls, webzines, magazines and bands decided to join forces, the shows would be full of people all year long !

Kostas :: Closing this interview i would like to thank you and ask you to share a word to your Greek fans.
Jean-Luc :: Thank you very much, Kostas. We would like to say a big thank you to our Greek fans for their support on facebook, Youtube, Reverbnation and all social medias. We hope, as soon as possible, to come and play in Greece , and meet people in real life (it's better) !

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