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Interview with the members of Screaming Beast (UK)

Formed from the depths of the much revered Manchester (UK) metal scene, Screaming Beast fuse heavy metal and the swagger of the deep south to bring you groovy and bluesy melodic metal.

'Screaming Beast' are members of the UnderWorld Map

Heavy Metal OTD :: Let's go back to the beginning. I could see that the band started as Anton and Daniel project, and later became a full lineup. So, what is the story behind it?

Anton :: As you said, Dan and I got together in 2013, they were in different bands but dug each other's styles and wanted to work together. The original idea was to have a bunch of musicians that could come in and out of the band almost like session players.

That’s how good the metal scene is in Manchester! We are blessed with some really great musicians that can jump into any project at any time to help out. By 2016 things had moved on and Arun and Rory were more like full-time members playing gigs etc. and in 2017 Jason joined on bass and we had a band. The evolution from two members to a full five-piece has been organic and it does not feel forced.

Heavy Metal OTD :: How the name ‘Screaming Beast’ came up?

Dan :: It originates from the names of other bands that members were previously associated with. Ie. A gridlocked wolf being crushed with a bison hammer is usually a screaming beast.

Heavy Metal OTD :: Are you part of any label’s roster or achieved any type of endorsement yet?

Dan :: Not as yet. It’s super hard to make any headway with endorsements until companies see that you have a following but we are hopeful to make some connections this year. As to label we are self-releasing at the moment it gives us greater control over our direction but if a label wanted to talk to us we would certainly listen to what they had to say.

Heavy Metal OTD :: What's your band's sound?

Rory :: I guess it’s classic metal but you could put it in the Groove Metal, Metalcore or Stoner Metal brackets. It’s really hard as an artist to say we are this or that as really we are just making metal music and the boundaries between metal genres can be quite blurry in some cases.

Anton :: Lyrically there is life experience and some politics in there but it’s not in your face.

Heavy Metal OTD :: What inspired your debut ‘Our New Narrative Hate’ release?

Anton :: We had released two EP’s in 2013’s Blistering Lies & 2015’s To Assail and Conquer which was basically Dan and I. When it came to Our New Narrative Hate we had the new songs and we gave the previous EP’s a sonic update, with Arun, Rory and Jay playing their parts so it was a band effort.

Dan :: I came up with the name but I can’t remember how it came about, sorry, but the blame lies firmly at Jason’s feet for my alcohol-induced forgetfulness.

Jason :: Yeh I made you drink lol

Heavy Metal OTD :: How’s the reviews been so far?

Jason :: On the whole really positive, there have been the odd poor review but they are few and far between and at the end of the day everyone has their own opinion and if we all liked the same thing it would be a boring world.

Heavy Metal OTD :: Where your recordings took place?

Arun :: We have a really odd setup as Dan is based in Sweden and the rest of the band in Manchester, UK. So a lot of the songs are written with us all sat in our studios on our own writing riffs or songs and sending them back and forth to each other.

Rory :: Arun is the keeper of the music, he does all the cleaning up and putting into a working format and keeps an eye on all of us to make sure we don’t misbehave once they are in pre-production format.

Then it goes to Dan who weaves his magic and makes it sound like Screaming Beast. It doesn't matter what we send him, nursery rhymes, doodles, fast food, anything, it all comes back with the Screaming Beast sound!

Once everything is in order then we re-record any parts that need it and generally tighten things up. When that is done we bounce it back to Dan who does the mixing and then we spend a few weeks listening and making adjustments as we need.

The great thing about working in the 21st century is that we all have studios and this gives us the ability to make as many changes or experiments as we feel like and to ensure that we do not disappear up our own behinds we just put a “must be done by” date on it and we stick to it.

Heavy Metal OTD :: How you manage the process of writing a track and what are your lyrical themes?

Jason :: We all tend to work on our own ideas and when we are happy or stuck we upload them to the cloud for the rest of the guys to listen to and if they make the grade we start working on them as a band.

Anton :: Lyrically I use life experience and things that are going on in the world. I use broad strokes rather than specifics a lot of the time but it all means something to me and my life.

Heavy Metal OTD :: What is the main concept behind the music video of “Despair”?

Jason :: We were going to do a story video about the democratic process of voting and how it all seems fixed. This was filmed but the edit was all wrong, it really dragged the song down so I got hold of all the footage that was shot by the film crew and started to learn video editing.
It took me about a week to get to an edit that worked, my main concern was to keep the song going so we lost the story bit and used some live and rehearsal footage to spice things up.
We are still working with some of the original film crew who are still really keen to do the story aspect so we are hopeful to be able to release that later in the year.

Heavy Metal OTD :: Album’s artwork looks pretty solid to me, who is the creator?

Dan :: It's a good friend of the band, a guy called Andy Goddard who owns Crave Digital. He has been super helpful with artwork, web design and general advice and has such a good eye for this kind of thing.

Anton :: In the interview video we just put out at the end around the 4 min mark you can see Andy’s son Layne dancing on stage with us.

Heavy Metal OTD :: In your opinion, how should a musician choose an artwork-artist to express his music works perfectly?

Jason :: Based on our experience, which has been really positive with both Andy on Our New Narrative of Hate and Niclas Mortensen for the EP’s it’s important to let the artist do their thing and let them have time and space to let them explore their vision of what our music means to them. That’s when you get the best results in my opinion.

Heavy Metal OTD :: Is there merch available? Where fans can grab their copies?

Rory :: For CD’s head over to CD Baby and we are on Spotify, iTunes, Amazon, Google etc for digital and streaming. We are looking at T-Shirts at the moment and they will be available from our website when we get that sorted - Official Website

screaming beast merch table

Heavy Metal OTD :: Who are your musical and non-musical influences?

Anton :: G n R, Metallica, Velvet Revolver, Avenged Sevenfold, Bleeding Through. Outside of music, I like to lift heavy weights.

Dan :: Metallica, Dream Theater, Megadeth, Sepultura, Tool, Joe Satriani, Steve Vai, pretty much the usual suspects. My non-musical influence is David Hasselhoff.

Jason :: Kiss, AC/DC, Iron Maiden, Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Pink Floyd, Jethro Tull, Roy Harper, Steve Hillage….. you could not really get more predictable if you tried. I guess the common theme is melody and groove if you got that then you got me. Outside of music, I like trail running and reading sci-fi.

Rory :: Meshuggah had a huge influence on me musically, along with Gojira, In Flames, At The Gates, Death, and later Neurosis. When I first picked up a guitar though I was all about Rage Against The Machine, they have so many brilliantly simple riffs. My main interest outside of music is long distance cycling

Arun :: I was into indie rock and punk, and grew up on Indian music. Actually started playing the guitar because of bands like Oasis and Stereophonics - I'm not ashamed to admit that. However, one day I heard a Pantera song, and my life was changed forever! I then started listening to stuff like Pantera, Metallica, Slayer, Megadeth...... the list goes on. Early inspirations on the guitar would include Dimebag, Slash, Joe Perry, Angus/Malcolm Young...... a whole raft of others.

I play in other musical projects, which include other types of metal band and also a covers band. Outside of that, pretty normal stuff like seeing my family, my friends, going out for food, cooking..... I like to go for walks and travel to places although I don't do those as much as I would like to. Hoping for a good summer to get out and about!

Heavy Metal OTD :: How do you promote ‘Screaming Beast’?

Anton :: We make Jason run the social media page and he posts some odd stuff but seems to understand #tags. Then Videos and sending CD’s out to get reviews and interviews like this so people can get to know us.

Heavy Metal OTD :: Any plans for live appearances?

Arun :: 2nd of June at the Bread Shed in Manchester as part of the Leftism Live line up and then we have two other festivals in September and December that we are waiting to confirm.

leftism flyer

Heavy Metal OTD :: What's your outlook on the record industry today?

Dan :: I think in the independent sector it's pretty good as there are a lot of bands out there getting their music to an audience, you could argue there may be oversaturation as there are so many cool bands competing for a finite audience but this should lead to the good bands gaining that audience.

Certainly it can be helpful to have a label behind you but we all have access to the same tools that they do via social media they just have a bigger audience from the get-go.

Heavy Metal OTD :: Okay, for sure I would like to finalize with; what are your plans for the future?

Dan :: We have two more videos to shoot this year and hopefully get some more gigs booked. After that we are making good progress on the next album which we hope to record in early 2019 and release later that year.

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