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The Last Oblation :: On the occasion of their debut 'Ante Ruinam', We met and questioned Juanjo Pérez

The Last Oblation hail from Catalunya, Spain. The band was formed at the end of 2016 by Juanjo Pérez (Bizarre, Ex Human Carnage, Ex Avgrunn) as One Man Project . A year later when Dani Torres ( Ex Human Carnage, Ex Instinto Canibal) joined forces they decided to release their first single "Aurum Deceptio". Due to the great acceptance of the project they decided to be established as a former band, looking for musicians to make it to the stages.

The Last Oblation are members of the UnderWorld Map

Heavy Metal OTD Well, The Last Oblation! How did your name came up?
Juanjo :: In fact, the whole idea of the name and the lyric themes came about a novel that I was writing to inspire me to write the lyrics because I didn’t want to talk about the “classical” death metal themes because I wasn’t feeling inspired on that field honestly.
So an Oblation is an offering usually for the deities, and actually it is very connected with the history that I was writing so “The Last Oblation” was the perfect fit for a band name.

Heavy Metal OTD What type of band are you?
Juanjo :: This is a hard one, describing TLO has never been easy task for me since I have plenty of influences since I started working on this project.The safe thing would be call it Death metal, but some people had defined it has Black metal, Blackened death, Groove metal. Not even me knows how to call it, so let’s stick with Death metal. (HaHaHa)

Heavy Metal OTD Do you have a record label? Are you a member of any music organizations?
Juanjo :: Actually, yes! After the digitally release of our first album Ante Ruinam a Russian Label Called Narcoleptica Productions contacted us offering a physical release, and we signed with them gladly.

Ante Ruinam

Heavy Metal OTD Tell us the brief history of your band.
Juanjo :: The history its let to forge, but the steps that brought us here are the following.
We started as One Man band, on 2017 with the help of Dani Kraken on Vocals, we released Aurum Deceptio, our first single. Actually we didn’t have planned to become a full band, but due to the great acceptance of Aurum Deceptio, we decided to look up for musicians to make some shows once we release the full CD. On the 22/03/2018 we released Ante Ruinam with great acceptance internationally, so we are looking for finally close the formation to get started with the gigs.

Heavy Metal OTD What are the main themes or topics for most of your songs? Do you think these topics will change over time?
Juanjo :: The topics of the music are humanity flaws, demonology, science, and I guess everything in between, for the topics changing over time, they may vary a little but I do not plan to change that line screwing with the human beings.

Stream :: Ante Ruinam

Heavy Metal OTD Who are your musical and non-musical influences?
Juanjo :: For the musical ones actually most of them are not metal related being musicians as Mark Knopfler or David Bowie great influences for me. If I have to choose some band metal related that inspire me to grab any instrument to try to make better music its Allegaeon.

On the other hand for non-musical influences I have to say Demonology has been a HUGE inspiration for TLO being Ars Goetia essential source material. I’ve been inspired for some games like Path of Exile and even manga releases like Berserk.

Heavy Metal OTD It’s been a couple of days since the release of ‘Ante Ruinam’, how the reviews ‘ve been going so far?
Juanjo :: Actually, we didn’t have any former review yet, but the acceptance that we are having and the opinions on the internet have been overwhelming especially beyond our frontiers.

Heavy Metal OTD Where did the recordings of the album take place and how did you manage the process of writing your tracks?
Juanjo :: We recorded it here on our hometown Barcelona on a small studio called Plygrnd Studios, we took 1 week to record the album there.

For the track writing thing there is nothing special, actually for writing song its always the same for me I’m on a chair shooting riffs with a recorder and a metronome and I’ll take the ones who I think are promising and I develop them filling with more “technical” and obscure details. The most difficult part for me it’s actually the lyrics, since I have to write first a story to have some source material or I wouldn’t come with anything! (HaHaHa)

Heavy Metal OTD What are your dreams and goals?
Juanjo :: Well our dream and our goal can be the same and it’s quite simple to be heard around the world.

Heavy Metal OTD What do you think of the scene in Spain?
Juanjo :: We got AMAZING bands over here, talented musicians everywhere, sadly there is very little support to young and not so young underground bands, it’s hard to set you in the music map if you don’t have money.
Anyway all the bands here including us are working very hard to make our own name in music!

Heavy Metal OTD : Anything you would like share, from new merch to upcoming shows/tours or songs/albums?
Juanjo :: I would love to say to all of you to stay tuned because in no time we will be completed and start moving, also on the upcoming weeks we will be releasing a lyric video of “Aurum Deceptio”.

Thank you very much for having us on the interview !

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