KRIPPLER 's Press Release and Biography

by Mayo Neza

Posted on January 20, 2018 at 13:47

It all started in 2006 when we wrote our album, "Perception Destruction". After we finished the album, we went through a rough patch, and took a 5 year hiatus.

When we regrouped in 2011, we came out in full force and played in hundreds of venues over a 2 year period. We opened for Soulfly during one of their tours through Sacramento.

We then entered Mayhemness Studio in Sacramento, CA, where we recorded the majority of our album.The band released two demo songs, with Kill Everything, and Thousands Shall Fall. In 2013 our original singer could no longer continue with the band.

Our guitarist, Brad Cutts, then took over vocals and finished recording the remaining vocals in the studio. The album is now complete, and is now available for your listening pleasure. Go download your copy now! We appreciate the love and support from all of our fans. Please enjoy the free downloads.

"PERCEPTION DESTRUCTION" Recorded and produced by Bob Swanson at Mayhemeness Studios in Sacramento, Ca.

KRIPPLER are: Brad Cutts - Vocals and Guitars, Justin Millhollin - Guitars, JP Jenson - Bass, Nelson Hernandez - Vocals, Dan Hernandez - Drums

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Perception Destruction Tracklist
  • Birthing in the pit
  • Evolution
  • I Haunt the Earth
  • Dwell
  • Fight with me
  • Fate in time
  • Dance of the King
  • Frontlines
  • Pawn on the shelf
  • Kill Everything
  • Thousands shall fall
I Haunt The Earth