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Heavy metal music combats emotions like depression, anger, study finds

A study has shown listening to heavy metal or extreme kinds of music helps purge emotions like anger and depression.

Heavy Metal OTD meets Sean of the Irish Death Metal Band 'The Sluagh'

The Sluagh is a six piece progressive death metal band from Dublin, Ireland who consist of guitarists Sean, Killian and A'avi, bassist Krzys, drummer Oleg and vocalist Jorge.

Heavy Metal OTD meets Christopher Knauer of Reaper's Revenge

The band was founded in 2013 to impress the world’s headbangers with their selfwritten music.

Get to know "Hitwood"

Hitwood is the name of an old man that appears every night in the dreams of the composer of the band and guide him through a musical journey

Get to know "The Sluagh"

An Irish "Six Pack" of Death Metal! Unique combination of Grooviness, Progressiveness and Death Metal Tunes.

Reaper's Revenge - 'Virtual Impulse' Release 2018

Heavy Metal handled with care on this!Exceptional vocals and well blended production...

Heavy Metal OTD meets Arman Asadsangabi - Interview with Oddnote's Frontman

Formed in the summer of 2017, Oddnote was born in the heart of Nashville, TN. Frontman Arman Asadsangabi...

Krepuskul | 'Hybrid' - New Album

Krepuskul is, without a doubt, the most hard working band in Transylvania, with over 150 concerts in only 4 years!

ROBAR ft Q-Unique Gave My All

ROBAR is a alternative rock/metal project of an independent musician Roman Barbun based in Melbourne, Australia.

KRIPPLER 's Press Release and Biography

KRIPPLER - Perception Destruction

Sunset Gore 's Watch The Waves is a song about depression and despair.

Sunset Gore - Watch The Waves

Kayleth 's Colossus Press Kit and Biography

Kayleth were born in Verona on 2005 with the target to create a stoner band inspired by Kyuss, Orange Goblin, 7zuma7 and Monster Magnet.