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DECADENCE - Six Tape // A Cruel Thrash Attack from Sweden!

Decadence’s new album 'Six Tape' marks their sixth full-length in their 16 Years

GEODA - Here and Now (2019) // Uncompromising Death Metal served by Steve DiGiorgio, Dirk Verbeuren and Facundo López

Facundo López 's personal project with the involvement of the mighty Steve DiGiorgio (Death, Testament, Sadus) and Dirk Verbeuren (Megadeth, Soilwork) offering us a top notch, eleven track, high quality, melodic - technical death metal set!

CREATE A KILL :: A Death/Thrash Metal Holocaust was Created to Kill.

Old school extreme thrash featuring Gus Rios, Alex Marquez, Daniel Gonzalez and guest drummers Dirk Verbeuren and Tobias Gustafsson.

Interview :: Catafalque from Voices Of Grief

Voices Of Grief :: Since the release of their self titled debut release on 20 April 2019 on MSH Music Group. We snatched this opportunity to have a word with Catafalque.

A HERO FOR THE WORLD from Sweden & the Philippines - 'Winter Is Here (A Holiday Rock Opera Pt. 2)' is out!!

A HERO FOR THE WORLD from Sweden & the Philippines - 'Winter Is Here (A Holiday Rock Opera Pt. 2)' is out!!

Yomi - 'Land of the Rising Sun' is out now! Japanese Folk/Death Metal!

Yomi is a Japanese folk metal band, influenced by bands such as Skyforger, God of Shamisen and many other bands, as well as Oriental metal in general. Band recently released their 3rd full-length opus 'Land of the Rising Sun' and it is an exceptional one. Head down to their BandCamp page to grab your e-copy.

Archenterum 's debut ' ...ainsi fut Abîme ' is a glorification to Death and Brutalism!

French Death Metal and Brutalism at their finest!

Brutality NEW EP 'Antecedent Offerings' is out now on 7" Vinyl EP!

Featuring re-recordings of Crushed and Artistic Butchery.

Rose Avalon's Universe EP is out! (Symphonic Folk [ES])

Rose Avalon is a symphonic folk metal band from Barcelona, Spain.

Wrath Of The Morning Star is the debut release from Dallas, Tx based instumental project Cryptic Confinement.

Released in 2018, the album features the sole official member, producer Zakk Weathersby, on guitars, bass and drum programming.

Hollow 's Full-Length 'Downfall' is out now!

HOLLOW, formed in 2006, Rio Grande do Sul, has its musical direction turned to Thrash Metal of the old school

'Lamentation and Ardent Fire' - Dalkhu 's third full release and keep spreading sickening Black Metal around the globe!

Lamentation and Ardent Fire was recorded at Nightside Studio & Truga Studio and mastered at Endarker Studio Sweden by Magnus Devo Andersson

Monolyth - A Bitter End / A Brave New World, is out now! Massive Production! Killer Tunes!

"A Brave New World " is, for its part, in the direct vein of the catchy tunes that Monolyth offers to its audience.

Exorcismo - Exorcise and Steal! Brazilian, OldSchool Thrash Massacre is OUT NOW!

Old School thrash massacre by the Brazilians - Exorcismo! The guys just released their debut Exorcise and Steal and it's a must for those who are into old Sepultura, Sadus and Dark Angel stuff.

OMEGA POINT - 'Isolation' is out now!

OMEGA POINT is the studio project of YouTube Guitarist RISTRIDI. With OMEGA POINT, RISTRIDI invites musicians from different genres to join him in creating a new and versatile listening experience.

BETZEFER's new album 'Entertain Your Force Of Habit' released Worldwide on September 21st via Metalville Records.

BETZEFER's new album 'Entertain Your Force Of Habit' released Worldwide on September 21st via Metalville Records. The album consists of ten of the most rock n' roll, heavy, massive and powerful songs.

One Man Project - Verminlord (US) - EP, 'Sojourn' is out! An extremely massive music experience that can't be missed.

It also may be the high point of Verminlord’s emotionally involving songcraft, as well as a welcome sign that this project is still alive and flourishing in the darkness.

Aexylium :: 'Tales From This Land' - One of the Greatest folk debut releases for 2018 so far!

Aexylium band was born in Varese (Italy) in 2014 by trying to combine the typical sound of traditional instruments (Bagpipes, Flute, Violin) with the modern one of Metal music (Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards).

Tonic Breed 's EP 'Install Memory' released on 14 Sep. 2018 via Rob Mules Records

Tonic Breed is a Norwegian heavy metal band formed in Sarpsborg, Norway. As of 2018, the band has released two full length albums.

Circadian Pulse's debut release 'Elements of Existence' is out now! Available on all major platforms!

Following a hiatus after their 2012 release In the Blink of an Eye, Australian prog metal band Circadian Pulse have just released their new album Elements of Existence.

OMEGA POINT - 'Isolation' is out now!

OMEGA POINT is the studio project of YouTube Guitarist RISTRIDI. With OMEGA POINT, RISTRIDI invites musicians from different genres to join him in creating a new and versatile listening experience.

CARRION (BE) - Time to Suffer full length on Mighty Music. Murder, Demons, Inhumanity & Death Metal Massacre!

Carrion is a 5 piece death metal band based in Gent (BE). Starting out as a cover band in 2007, they soon became a full blown death metal band.

Parasite Inc :: Dead and Alive is out now on Reaper Entertainment! Melodic Death metal at it's finest!

Parasite Inc. striking back with their second full-length “Dead and Alive”, five years after their debut album “Time Tears Down”.

EXORDIUM - Killer debut release by Vyrant! A Blend of Death and Thrash made in Australia!

Vyrant's debut full length - EXORDIUM - is out now! It contains nine songs of total running time 36:21 and it was self-released on 25 March 2018.

In Demoni :: Their second full-length 'The Grand Slam' is out now on Rotten Cemetery Records! Brutalism at its finest!

In Demoni strike back with their second full-length 'The Grand Slam' released on June 20th, 2018 via Rotten Cemetery Records.

Synchreality | Hypnotheticall :: Those guys are skilled and served us one of the greatest music experiences for 2018 so far.

Hypnotheticall striking back with their third in a row full-length 'SYNCHREALITY released on March 16th, 2018 via Revalve Records. Album contains 10 tracks full of groove and progressiveness that will make your neck bleed. Check them below and do not forget to show your love n' support.

Prophets of the Apocalypse :: Debut EP release 'War Metal' by Heavy Metal Veteran Pete Serro!

Experience first hand the journey of a warrior, from battles of the mind, to bloody battles on the field. This debut album by Prophets Of The Apocalypse will assault your world with their unique brand of Dark Thrash War Metal!

Allamedah - New single 'Perspective' is out now! Grooviness, Solidity and Professionalism!

Allamedah have just released their 4th in a row single 'Perspective' for 2018. Great production and mix followed by an exceptional video shooting.

Lelahell :: Striking back with their 2nd Death Metal Carnage - Alif!

The new album 'Alif' is now focusing on Abderrahmane's first steps in his new life, just like a child learning to speak, walk, learning about the world around him.

Destroy My Brains (Canada) - WORTHLESS EP is OUT NOW!

45 mins of pure sonic grease. Sludge/doom lords of the northern prairies laying down the heavy on 4 tracks, guaranteed to make you feel better

Quasarborn 's Debut Release 'The Odyssey to Room 101' is OUT NOW!

As the title suggests, this album is heavily influenced by both George Orwell's 1984 and Aldous Huxley's Brave New World, but has a concept of it's own. The story follows a rebellious young individual, initially belonging to an allegedly anti-establishment subculture, who after some tragic events has a clash with reality.

ANGELIC DESOLATION - 'Rumpus Time Is Over'

A death metal band with a full-scale sonic assault and a sound unique enough to call their own: American Razorgrind.

DYSTERSOL - 'The Fifth Age of Man'! A crushing modern metal bundle you should definitely check it out!

The whole album takes place during the Five Ages of Man described by Hesoid, Ovid and other ancient Greek writers. The tracks focus on the Iron Age, the last age of humanity, where people live in misery and kill each other for literally nothing.

11th Dimension :: 'Paramnesia' debut release is out now!

Paramnesia is a conceptual album that describes a metaphorical journey throughout its 11 original tracks, from the process of renouncing a current unsatisfactory reality to the arrival of a new place / state of mind.

Infected Mind :: Debut release 'Far from Reality' out now! - Death/Thrash Squad from Poland!

Infected Mind was formed in 1990, but their roots go way back to mid-eighties. In this time three thrash metal bands were created in Gliwice: Asesor, Carrion and Werwolf.

BLACK PESTILENCE strike back with their 5th full-length 'Urban Hell Rhythmics'

Formed in 2008 by bassist/vocalist Valax, Black Pestilence has been known for their unique sounding black metal by combining grimy punk rock with electronic noise.

Against Human Plague :: EP 'Forakt, Hat og Død' release on Avantgarde Music! Heavy - Aggressive Black Metal from Norway.

A.H.P. was created in 2011 in Bergen Norway. The band have released demo, single and debut album entitled 'Against Human Plague'. Debut received a lot of possitive feedback from media and fans.

Corners of Sanctuary strike back with their 5th full-length 'The Galloping Hordes'! The modern sound of traditional Heavy Metal!

Hailing from Philadelphia, New Wave of Traditional Heavy Metal band Corners of Sanctuary (COS) formed in 2011 with a desire to bring back the sounds of Classic Heavy Metal to the modern music arena.

Cosmogyral :: Debut release 'Behold'! A Perfect blend of Aggresion, Melody and Death!

Behold is the debut release album of South Florida's Own, Cosmogyral. It contains 12 tracks and self-released on June 1st, 2018.

Constantinos Lemesios :: 'Dysphasia' debut release (Info, Artwork and more!)

Dysphasia, is a long-awaited project that brings together Constantino's three worlds: film scoring, alternative rock and electronic music.

7 years since their last full-length Motör Militia striked back with 'World in Flames! Check it out!

The band's third studio album 'World in Flames' is a bold statement that reflects the revitalized line up's raging ambition!

Leach - Get to know their second full-length release 'Hymns for the Hollow' (Artwork, Info and more!)

Leach :: Originated from Borås, Sweden. Band started out in their early teens 2003 as project at their local youth center.

Pan - Pan (Info, Artwork and more!)

Pan is a greek progressive rock-metal band that was formed around 2010 in Ptolemaida, Greece. The name of the band comes from the ancient greek god Pan, who according to the ancient greek religion and mythology was the god that combined both human and animal elements, as he had legs and horns of a goat.

Anshelm - Debut 'Through the Burning Glass' on Wishful Thinking recs! Exceptional Black Metal From Los-Angeles, California!

Formed in 2014 by songwriter Pyralis and drummer Xul, the band went through various members until welcoming lead guitarist Iblis to the band. During this time, Through the Burning Glass was written. With the addition of the new lead guitar, the songs were completed and recorded in early 2018.

'The Aftermath' - Debut release by Blackened (FR)! A must for the fans of thrash!

The Aftermath is the debut release by Blackened - thrash metal band. It contains seven tracks and it was self-released on 10 May 2018.

The Void by Sons Of The Beast (Info, Artwork, Stream and more!)

The Void by Sons Of The Beast (Info, Artwork, Stream and more!) " />

Whalesong - Debut 'Disorder'

Whalesong debut album is 58 minutes of oldschool industrial / metal. 8 hypnotic songs contain extremely low tuned guitars, industrial textures and extremely depressive mood. 'Disorder' is brutal, oldschool, filthy and mechanical.

Legendary Iron Angel (GER) strikes back with their latest release 'Hellbound'

IRON ANGEL is one of the true cult legends of the German Speed Metal genre. Formed in the Hamburg-area back in 1980 and known for two classic eighties metal album "Hellish Crossfire" from 1985 and "Winds Of War" from 1986 and a reputation as a staggering live band.

Taste Of Greed - Debut Album 'Irreversible' is out! Massive production - Exceptional Metal!

Irreversible is the debut album by Taste Of Greed, it contains nine tracks with a total playing time of 44 minutes and it was released on 4th May, 2018.

Tiavara strike back with their second full-length 'Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions'!

Delusional Tales of Grand Intentions is the second full-length by Tiavara (RUS). It contains eight tracks and released on 27 April 2018.

Built-in Obsolescence - INSTAR is out! Great Post/Metal from Italy! (Info, Artwork and more)

Built-in Obsolescence - INSTAR is out! Great Post/Metal from Italy! (Info, Artwork and more)

Hornwood Fell self-released 'Inferus' EP! Norwegian black metal from Italy! Check it out.

Inferus is the latest EP release by the Italian Black Metal band ‘Hornwood Fell’. It contains three-tracks of total running time 15:52 and It was self-released on 29th April, 2018.

Dawn Ahead released their 2nd EP 'A Trip of Violence'! Great Heavy/Thrash tunes from Germany! Check them out!

A Trip of Violence is the 2nd EP by the German Heavy/Thrash Metal band Dawn Ahead.

Arcane Sceptre :: A Black Metal manifesto release by Praecantator (Info, Artwork and more)

Arcane Sceptre is the debut EP by the UK Black Metal Band Praecantator. It contains 4 tracks and released through M.S.H Music Group on 22 April 2018.

The NWOBHM Veterans 'Blitzkrieg (UK)' released Judge Not! on Mighty Music!

The pioneers of Heavy Metal - Blitzkrieg - stike back! Judge Not! is the newborn child of the mighty Kriegs after Three years since the release of 'A Time of Changes: 30th Anniversary Edition'

Morpholith released their debut EP Void Emissions! A Promising band on the paths of Stoner, Doom from Iceland!

Void Emissions is the debut EP of Morpholith which released on April 20, 2018. It contains three tracks of total running time of 29 minutes.

'Reflections of Torment' .. The 2nd full-length of Wrathrone is A pure death metal gem!

Wrathrone strikes hard with their sophomore album titled fittingly 'Reflections of Torment'. It's safe to say that these Finnish death dealers have really found their rotten groove and sound on this bestial offering! Rumbling double guitars, low-grinding bass with blasting drums topped with unearthly growls.

The Dali Thundering Concept - 'Savages' is out! Massive production, exceptional music! Everything you need to know is here!

'SAVAGES' is the latest release of the French Mathcore - Djent band The Dali Thundering Concept. It contains 11 exceptional tracks and released via Apathia Records & Thundering Production on April 13th.

Repressions I?-?VI :: An exordium of Sadness, Anger and Death by Verwelkend! (Info, Artwork & Stream)

Repressions I?-?VI is the title of the self-released EP of the US Black/Gothic metal band Verwelkend. EP contains nine tracks that can act as a prelude to their forthcoming work and it was released on April 16, 2018.

Dark Arts of Sanguine Rituals .. Inkvisitor s new gem is out

Inkvisitor is a thrash metal band originating from Jyväskylä, Finland. The band was formed in August 2012 by Jesse Kämäräinen and Lauri Huttunen after Jesse posted an add about forming a band. Together they agreed that thrash metal would be the genre and the two managed to form Inkvisitor’s first line-up with two additional musicians.

Talbot :: The heaviest duo released their 3rd Full-Length 'Magnetism' (Info, Artwork & Stream)

Coming from Estonia's capital Tallinn, duo has been conquering the world actively since 2008.

RUST – Debut 'URSTOFF' is out via Dusktone!

RUST is an Apocalyptic Death/Black Metal outfit, featuring members of Enisum. A magical, evocative and enchanting work, as well as tragic, apocalyptic, cruel, painful, fatal, nefarious, violent and deadly …

Heavy Metal OTD :: Interview With Insineratehymn

Our former vocalist Mauricio Lopez originally started this band in 2008. However he could not find anyone that was interested or have the knowledge of playing death metal.

Half Past Eight (GER) - Debut Release 'Of Loss and Belief'

Groovy verse riffs, heavy and diversified breakdowns, epic lead passages culminating in melodic refrains. Punchy drum rythms in conjunction with a wiry bass sound are underlining the song dynamic. Accompanied by the variety of the two vocalists and guitarists, Half Past Eight generates a distinctive sound.

Chainbreäker :: Debut 'Wasteland City' is out! (Stream, Info & Artwork)

The four-piece from Linz surprised many of the people present, because despite their youthful age, were able to show high – class playing.

Vorbid :: Debut 'Mind' is out! (Stream, Info & Artwork)

Vorbid is a progressive thrash metal band from southern city of Norway, Arendal. Consisting of Michael Eriksen Briggs, Daniel Emanuelsen, Marcus Gullovsen and Jonas Tellefsen.

Deadly Carnage (IT) :: 'Through the Void, Above the Suns' is out! (Stream, Info & Artwork)

Deadly Carnage was born in 2005 from an idea of Adres (bass) and Marco (drums), after the first few periods of militancy in the Black/Thrash Metal scene, the intentions of the band begin to change; the sounds become more atmospheric and introspective.

Interview with the members of Screaming Beast (UK)

Screaming Beast originates from the names of other bands that members were previously associated with. Ie. A gridlocked wolf being crushed with a bison hammer is usually a screaming beast.

INSINERATEHYMN - A Moment in a Vision

INSINERATEHYMN is an upcoming Death Metal band from Los Angeles, CA, heavily influenced by bands such as Unleashed, Morbid Angel, Deicide, Edge of Sanity, Entombed, Pestilence, Sepultura.

SpellBlast - 'Of Gold and Guns' :: Gold, Outlaws, Smoking Barrels and Heavy Metal

Jesse James the Ecstasy of Gold runs through your veins ... ! The forth full-length album 'Of Gold and Guns' of the Italians SpellBlast, delivering a concepting nine tracks' pack of Heavy, Power Metal that is blended with the sensation of the Old West.

Heavy Metal OTD talks with Markus Wolverhampton from Automaton (USA)

Our show is pretty unique. We take on characters in a story we created and act in character while playing live. We all dress in costume as well to further portray that.

North Hammer (CA) :: Debut 'Stormcaller' is out! (Stream, info & Artwork)

Thou camest near the next, O warrior Thor! Shouldering thy hammer, in thy chariot drawn, Swaying the long-hair’d goats with silver’d rein.

Screaming Beast (UK) :: Debut 'Our New Narrative of Hate' is out! (Stream, Info & Artwork)

Our New Narrative of Hate is the debut full-length of the UK Heavy Metal Band Screaming Beast. The Album is the follow-up of 2 EPs, Blistering Lies (2014), To Assail and Conquer (2015) and released on March 23rd, 2018.

The Last Oblation :: On the occasion of their debut Ante Ruinam, We met and questioned Juanjo Perez

The Last Oblation hail from Catalunya, Spain. The band was formed at the end of 2016 by...

AUTOMATON's self-titled :: The Airship 'Initiative' crew wish you a pleasant journey

The idea of Airship-Custome-Storytelling theme in combination with NWOBHM, energy, punk's speed and injected traditional heavy metal led to the creation of something really fresh and catchy!

14 Questions to Trevor Owen - Beast Drumming for Grotesque (AUS)

The name Grotesque came up when the guitarist Marc and I started the band, actually Marc came up with the name and we thought it was cool and it kind of suits the music we play so we just ran with it.

COCKBLOCKERS - 'Cockblockers' :: Keep your eyes peeled for their debut Release!

A Ten-Tracks' journey lasting forty-five minutes is enough for Cockblockers to dip in to southern/stoner paths while maintaining the ability to build their identity in a unique way to make music.

The Last Oblation :: Debut 'Ante Ruinam' is out now!

The debut release ‘Ante Ruinam’ of ‘The Last Oblation’ is finally here, and delivers seven tracks of twenty five minutes savagery.

Grotesque :: Exemplary Technical Death Metal from Australia

Grotesque are a four piece death metal band from Perth Australia. they combine a special blend of modern technical death metal, groovy old school riffing and bring a unique original sound into the mix.

Heavy Metal OTD questioned Börna - Guitarist of Odeum Deus

Eons ago, our drummer Putte “the basher” started the project “teach children to worship satan”. That project evolved into what you see and hear today.

Below A Silent Sky :: 'A View From Afar' is OUT NOW!

A View From Afar consists of 5 tracks in a total duration of 54 minutes. The album is based on polythematic enorchestration and the quality of the production makes it easier for the listener to get in to the trip.

15 Questions With Jean-Luc of 'Voodoo Angel'

Voodoo Angel evokes the duality present in each of us. Our dark side and our share of light. Voodoo Angel seems to refer to supernatural entities but it is actually very human.

Odeum Deus :: Death Metal from Sweden

The band has been around for almost ten years, changing band members and sound, with Putte being the founding member. Looking for the (black)magic touch we got a reputation locally as the band that kept firing vocalists.

Voodoo Angel - Heavy-Rock, Sleaze from France.

Voodoo Angel musical universe is close to that of Sixx AM, Velvet Revolver, B.Idol, Crashdïet and so on : Catchy choruses 'n' rock guitar riffs !

14 Questions With Tim Godwin of 'The Social Norm'

Yeah, we have an EP planned for release in September this year, I think some of my best work to date. Kinda a mix of big synth, grungy rock and 90's NU Metal Vibes. It will be available digitally and on Vinyl- Come to think of it, I'm heading over to Bec's place to work on some guitars later today.

Get to know 'War Of Thrones'

War Of Thrones featuring former crimson glory and rob rock members released debut album 'Conflict In Creation'

Get to know The Social Norm

Fusing grunge, nu-metal, punk and industrial rock, The Social Norm (TSN) originally started as a studio project for prolific drummer and mulit-instrumentalist

Interview :: Erik Hillströms - Vocals for Hellsingland

It's more like a project than a band. We just try to make the music we are Dedicated to. We try to catch the feeling from the second wave of black metal from Norway and put some Bathory into it.

Get to know "Hellsingland"

Hellsingland come from Sweden. The band spews forth one epic dirge of supreme underground Black Metal.

Heavy Metal OTD meets the mind behind 'Hitwood' Project'

The Hitwood project was founded in 2007, it's based in the North of Italy and is intended as a solo project of Antonio Boccellari.

Get to know "Kaledon"

The band shared the stage with many important acts. Some of them are: Rdonnie James Dio, Tony Martin, Anvil, Destruction, Gamma Ray, Tankard and many others.

The Positive Psychology of Heavy Metal Music

I still go to lots and lots of gigs. And they’re the most positive places I’ve ever been.

Get to know "Ocularis Infernum"

Ocularis Infernum is a Black - Death - Symphonic metal band from Riga, Latvia.

Heavy Metal OTD meets Michele Montanari of the Italian Stoners 'Kayleth'

Kayleth were born in Verona on 2005 with the target to create a stoner band inspired by Kyuss, Orange Goblin, 7zuma7 and Monster Magnet.

Heavy metal music combats emotions like depression, anger, study finds

A study has shown listening to heavy metal or extreme kinds of music helps purge emotions like anger and depression.

Heavy Metal OTD meets Sean of the Irish Death Metal Band 'The Sluagh'

The Sluagh is a six piece progressive death metal band from Dublin, Ireland who consist of guitarists Sean, Killian and A'avi, bassist Krzys, drummer Oleg and vocalist Jorge.

Heavy Metal OTD meets Christopher Knauer of Reaper's Revenge

The band was founded in 2013 to impress the world’s headbangers with their selfwritten music.

Get to know "Hitwood"

Hitwood is the name of an old man that appears every night in the dreams of the composer of the band and guide him through a musical journey

Get to know "The Sluagh"

An Irish "Six Pack" of Death Metal! Unique combination of Grooviness, Progressiveness and Death Metal Tunes.

Reaper's Revenge - 'Virtual Impulse' Release 2018

Heavy Metal handled with care on this!Exceptional vocals and well blended production...

Heavy Metal OTD meets Arman Asadsangabi - Interview with Oddnote's Frontman

Formed in the summer of 2017, Oddnote was born in the heart of Nashville, TN. Frontman Arman Asadsangabi...

Krepuskul | 'Hybrid' - New Album

Krepuskul is, without a doubt, the most hard working band in Transylvania, with over 150 concerts in only 4 years!

ROBAR ft Q-Unique Gave My All

ROBAR is a alternative rock/metal project of an independent musician Roman Barbun based in Melbourne, Australia.

KRIPPLER 's Press Release and Biography

KRIPPLER - Perception Destruction

Sunset Gore 's Watch The Waves is a song about depression and despair.

Sunset Gore - Watch The Waves

Kayleth 's Colossus Press Kit and Biography

Kayleth were born in Verona on 2005 with the target to create a stoner band inspired by Kyuss, Orange Goblin, 7zuma7 and Monster Magnet.