Paramnesia is the debut full-length of 11th Dimension. Album contains eleven tracks and it was self-released on May 28th, 2018.

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01 - Paramnesia
02 - Adrift
03 - Trust Denied
04 - Shades of Personality
05 - Misanthropy
06 - Odyssey to a Change
07 - Expectations
08 - The Journey of the Wild Mind
09 - Leaves
10 - Cryphobia
11 - Arrival

About the Album

Paramnesia is a conceptual album that describes a metaphorical journey throughout its 11 original tracks, from the process of renouncing a current unsatisfactory reality to the arrival of a new place / state of mind.

It was produced and recorded by 11th Dimension at Rock 'N' Raw Studios, mixed and mastered by Pedro Mau (Wells Valley), and the artwork was designed by Pedro Lopes.


11th Dimension is a five-piece alternative metal project from Lisbon, Portugal. Although all its members revolve around the metal scene in their musical tastes, the mix of musical backgrounds is one of the most interesting aspects of the band. In each song one can find traces of everything, from death and epic metal to rock and electronica; the most predominant trace, however, is the modern wave of progressive and post-metal bands.

The band was officially launched in July 2013, however, the project had been brewing since early 2011 when the four founding members first decided to engage in the covers band circuit, where they grew their synergy and stage experience, truly transforming into a band.

2014 is marked by the launch of their first EP entitled Odyssey. The four songs were recorded, mixed and mastered by the band, in what was both a fulfilling and didactic adventure.

In 2015, the single Shades of Personality was released, remastered by André Reis (from Karetus), along with a video clip / lyric video produced by Arcadia Studios and João Arcanjo (watch it here:

Today, 11th Dimension is a project well established in the Portuguese underground scene and has stepped on the stages of many of its main festivals (Hell in Sintra, Évora Metal Fest, Silveira Rock Fest, Salamandra em Chamas, etc) and venues (Stairway Club, Nirvana Studios, RCA Club, Metalpoint, Cave 45, Another Place, Fábrica da Pólvora, Side B, República da Música, In Live Caffé, etc).


Odyssey - EP, 2014
Shades of Personality - Single, 2015
Paramnesia - Full Length, 2018


Carlos Costa on Bass and Growls, Daniel Guerreiro on Guitar, Diana Rosa on Vocals, Filipa Simões on Drums, Pedro Marques on Guitar
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