Tales from this land is Aexylium ‘s first studio album and contains 11 songs based on stories, some inspired by Celtic and Norse mythology, others born from band’s imagination and fantasy.

Tales from this land sets high standards and goals for the band not only because of it’s debut role, but it encapsulates a big work developed and crafted with care and passion.

Acoustic instruments are of fundamental importance within the melodies since they express the folk side of their music which tied up with heavy metal.

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 14 September 2018

The artwork was created by Pierre-Alain Durand of 3mmi Design (Necrodeath, Your chance to die, Desultory, etc.). The album has been recorded at Twilight Studio by Davide Tavecchia and mastered at Domination Studio by Simone Mularoni (DGM, Labyrinth, Secret Sphere, Elvenking etc.)


1. Prelude to a Journey
2. Black Flag
3. Into the Jaws of Fenrir
4. Aexylium
5. My Favourite Nightmare
6. Banshee
7. Tales from Nowhere
8. Revive the Village
9. The Blind Crow
10. Judas' Revenge
11. Radagast


Aexylium band was born in Varese (Italy) in 2014 by trying to combine the typical sound of traditional instruments (Bagpipes, Flute, Violin) with the modern one of Metal music (Guitars, Drums, Bass, Keyboards).

They have been working together to create something different from their previous musical experiences and soon the group grew in number. Being inspired by the main artists of the genre such as Eluveitie, Korpiklaani, Alestorm, Folkstone, they chose Folk Metal as their new sound.

The band consists of eight members.

Aexylium played for the first time at Dumeltica International Music Festival in 2015; the feedback was positive and they successfully managed to play in other important gigs such as Malpaga Folk & Metal, Montelago Celtic Festival, Rock Inn Somma, Druidia and Strigarium in the following years.

In July 2016 they released their first self-produced EP which is titled “The Blind Crow“and contains 3 songs. In the same year, the track “The blind crow” was included in “Mister Folk Compilation IV”.

In June 2018 their first full lenght album, named “Tales from this land”, has been released for Underground Symphony Records; at the same time two lyric videos of the tracks "Revive the Village" and "Banshee" were published. In September 2018 the song "Revive the Village" enters the top 200 metal song charts in Germany on iTunes.

In August 2018 they were chosen as finalists of the European Celtic Contest in Montelago, a prestigious festival with more than 20,000 participants in four days.

So far, Aexylium have shared the stage with many others band: Wind Rose, Nervosa, Furor Gallico, Temperance, Atlas Pain, Celtica Pipes Rock, Kanseil, etc.


Æxylium (Demo - 2015)
The Blind Crow (EP - 2016)
Tales from This Land (Full Length - June 2018)


Steven Merani – Vocals Fabio Buzzago – Lead Guitar / Backing vocals Roberto Cuoghi – Guitar / Bagpipe / Backing vocals Matteo Morisi – Drums Gabriele Cacocciola – Bass Stefano Colombo – Keyboards / Backing vocals Gabriele Guarino – Flute Federico Bonoldi – Violin
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