French Death Metal and Brutalism at their finest! Archenterum 's debut ' ...ainsi fut Abîme ' is out now! Ten tracks of Massive production and Death! One of the heaviest & most terrified opuses for 2018 so far! Feel free to stream it's opening track 'Silent' below!

Article by Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 04 Dec 2018


1. Silent
2. No Light
3. Point of No Return
4. Fury of Gods
5. Vortex of Death
6. The Outsider
7. Wrecked
8. Brainwashed
9. Poison Tree
10. Bloodred Ghost


  • Nuclear Forces - Demo (2000)
  • Triptych of Death - Split (2000)
  • Insanity of War - Demo (2009)
  • Paraxode 29A - Demo (2012)
  • Exhumed - Demo (2013)
  • The Ending - Single (2014)
  • Live at FlyFM - Live Album (2015)
  • ...ainsi fut Abîme - Full Length (2018)


Archenterum was founded in 1997 nearby Avignon (Southern France) as a side project of extreme metal-music. Musically influenced by Slayer and Impaled Nazarene, its first effort « Nuclear Forces », a furious mix of harsh black metal and old-school thrash metal was released in 2000. Then the project entered a period of inactivity.

In 2005, JLD joined the band, marking a new beginning for Archenterum. The second auto-production « Insanity of War » was released in 2009 presenting a more personal melodic death metal. The underground press was quite enthusiastic.

After three years of hard work, the band delivered in 2012 six elaborated and mature songs with « Paradoxe 29A », its third musical creation. With its unhealthy death metal sound, the band received an unanimous support from the underground scene.

In 2013, the band has decided to take a break in its musical evolution and has rerecorded 5 songs from its first effort as well as two unreleased songs freshly « Exhumed », which is the title of the EP. It received a very good review from the french magazine Metallian.

The first video experience happened in 2014 when the band appeared in the song « Spyglass », released by the Italian Post Rock combo « Caelestis », where Matt’s harsh vocals go along Vera’s melodic voice. This year also saw the release of the 2 tracks EP « The Ending » : an ironic way to say that the band is not going to stop there.

After an 8 years hiatus of live performance, the unholy trinity decided to go back on stage in 2015 and released a live EP recorded during a radio appearance : « Live at FlyFm ».

Archenterum finally released its first full-length in October 2018. A release with comes 21 years after the band’s formation, 18 years after its first demo. It’s now time for you to discover what lies in the depths of the Abyss with « …ainsi fut Abîme »


Matt D : Guitar and vocals Greg D : Guitar and vocals JL D : Bass and vocals

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