Carrion stands for fast drums, punching riffs and heavy vocals, combined with grooving and epic touches. Professional with a great live performance.

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 08 September 2018


1. So it Begins
2. Mutilation
3. Supreme
4. Urge
5. Plague
6. Gingergrind
7. Death from Deep Within
8. Torment
9. Defiled Sanity
10. In the End, There is Only Death


Carrion is a 5 piece death metal band based in Gent (BE). Starting out as a cover band in 2007, they soon became a full blown death metal band. A demo and a few line up changes later, a full CD (Revelations) was recorded at Brainworksstudio at Enschede (NED) in 2012.

Since then Carrion has played numerous shows and festivals, with a passing on the famous Wacken Open Air in 2016 and Metal Days 2017.

The second full album "Time To Suffer" is released on Mighty Music on June 2018. It was recorded and mixed by Hearse Studio (Kortrijk) and mastered by Hertz Studio (Poland). The release show was at Music Club Elpee in Deinze.


Demo 2008 (Demo - 2008)
Revelations (Full Length - 2012)
Supreme (Single - 2014)
Time to Suffer (Full Length - 2018)


Sven Van Severen – Vocals Mathieu Vander Vennet – Guitars Jan Van den Berghe – Guitars Sam Philipsen – Bass Gert Stals – Drums
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