Old School thrash massacre by the Brazilians - Exorcismo! The guys just released their debut Exorcise and Steal and it's a must for those who are into old Sepultura, Sadus and Dark Angel stuff. Album consists of ten tracks, including an Attomica cover - Deathraiser.

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 13 Oct. 2018


1. Intro / T.T.A / Masters of Reason
2. Dump of Death
3. God Is Dead
4. Disgrace and Terror
5. Surrounded by Fakes (Kill the Falses)
6. Ready to Violence
7. Epidemic Lobotomy
8. Exorcise and Steal
9. Apocalipse Nuclear / Visions of Eternity
10. Deathraiser (Attomica cover)


The thrash metal band Exorcismo was founded in 2007 in the city of Recife, Pernambuco - BRAZIL. The sound of the band is based on the old school of thrash of the 80s influenced by bands like Gammacide, Razor, Vio-lence, Devastation, Sepultura old, Sadus, Dark Angel among others. The lineup features Denis Violence (drums and vocals), Anderson Razor (guitar), Carlos Ragner (guitar) and Risaldo Silva (bass).


Ăšltima Batalha (Demo - 2008)
Exorcise and Steal (Full Length - 2018)


Denis Violence - Drums and Vocals, Anderson Razor - Guitar, Carlos Ragner - Guitar, Risaldo Silva - Bass
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