Hell's Guardian new album 'As Above So Below' is out - It's band's second release since their debut 'Follow Your Fate' ( 2014 ). As Above So Below consists of 11 tracks - of total running time 51 minutes - including 2 instrumentals 'Over the Line' and 'Waiting for Nothing'. CD came out on Record Union.

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 03 Oct 2018


1. Over the Line
2. Crystal Door
3. As Above So Below
4. Blood Must Have Blood
5. Waiting…for Nothing
6. 90 Days
7. Lake of Blood
8. Jester Smile
9. My Guide My Hunger
10. I Rise Up
11. Colorful Dreams


Hell's Guardian was born in 2009 from an idea of Freddie Formis(guitar) and Dylan Formis (drums). The band is completed by Cesare Damiolini (rhythm guitar and growl vocals) and Claudio Cor (bass guitar). In 2010 the first demo was released, while in 2014 the first album 'Follow Your Fate' came out.

In July 2015 Hell's Guardian released a new EP called “Ex Adversis Resurgo”. Hell's Guardian has shared the stage with amazing acts like AMORPHIS, CHILDREN OF BODOM, SABATON.

The band already toured Europe, with many live shows and an Eastern European tour supporting TEMPERANCE during their "Metal Invasion Tour". At the end of the 2017 Hell's Guardian started the recording of the new album "As Above, So Below" @ “Media Factory” studio with Fabrizio Romani, then mixed and mastered at "The Groove Factory Studio" by Michele Guaitoli.


Hell's Guardian (Demo - 2010)
Follow Your Fate (Full Length - 2014)
Ex Adversis Resurgo (EP - 2015)
As Above So Below (Full Length - 2018)


Cesare Damiolini - Growl/Clean Vocals, Guitars Freddie Formis - Guitars Claudio Cor - Bass Guitar Dylan Formis - Drums
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