In Demoni strike back with their second full-length 'The Grand Slam' released on June 20th, 2018 via Rotten Cemetery Records. Twelve tracks full of brutalism and Death.

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 09 Aug 2018


1. Viva la Slam
2. Cockslamming
3. Yes We Come
4. Professor Cambium Dick
5. I Don't Fuck I Mathturbate
6. The Roaring Twenties
7. Pizza Slamami
8. Sodom Superstar
9. Balls of Bigfoot
10. It's Not How It Sounds Like
11. Exercises in Stupidity
12. Supoesto Demonio


2012 - 2013

☑ Recording of the first album in the Ochtagon Studio, helped by Saris (ex-Anti Flesh Nimbus/Ex-Nebelsarg) and Schwarte (ex-Abrogation)
☑ Mix & Mastering by Dennis Israel
☑ Artwork by Mindrape Art
☑ Release of the debut album "So trieb sich die Welt ins Dunkel" as Download


☑ Mathi (Guitar) and Simon (Bass) expanded the line up
☑ Pressing of "So trieb sich die Welt ins Dunkel" in a 50-times limited edition


☑ First Live Shows
☑ Benny leaves and gets replaced by Jens
☑ Erik takes the role of the drummer


☑ The band’s logo gets changed
☑ Simon leaves and gets replaced by David
☑ EP recordings get finished
☑ Deal with our label Rotten Cemetery Records


☑ Jens leaves and gets replaced by Steiner
☑ A bunch of live shows
☑ Recording of “The Grad Slam” gets finished


☑ A bunch of live shows
☑ Music video - It’s not how it sounds like -


So trieb sich die Welt ins Dunkel - FL, 2013
Genetic Degeneration - EP, 2016
The Grand Slam - FL, 2018


Erik :: Drums - Mathi :: Guitar - Steiner :: Vocals - David :: Bass - Carsten :: Guitar, Pipa and Backing Vocals
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