Leach strike back with their second full-length 'Hymns for the Hollow' since their debut 'Blindfold' back in 2012. It contains 11 tracks and it was independently released on May 15th, 2018.

Article by Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 04 June 2018


1. The Untouchables
2. Free from All
3. New Low
4. Chapter Two
5. We Have It All
6. Pragmatic Youth
7. Framgångssagan
8. End of an Era
9. The Prey
10. Do It
11. Hymns for the Hollow


  • Blindfold Full Length - 2012
  • Above All EP - 2014
  • Hymns for the Hollow Full Length - 2018


Originated from Borås, Sweden. LEACH started out in their early teens 2003 as project at their local youth center.

The initial couple of years were mainly spent releasing some demos. 2012 they released their first full length in "Blindfold", followed by the 2014 EP "Above All". 2018 they're current with their second full length album "Hymns for the Hollow".

They've stated influences such as Swedish acts The Haunted, Entombed and Raised Fist. Blended with a big dose of American metal and hardcore acts such as Exodus, Nuclear Assault, Iron Reagan and Agnostic Front.


Anders Nordlander :: Bass, Joachim Dahlström :: Drums, Victor Liesto :: Guitars, Markus Wikander :: Vocals, Guitars
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