Dysphasia, is a long-awaited project that brings together Constantino's three worlds: film scoring, alternative rock and electronic music.

The album explores a range of different themes which include, among others, our internal battle to define and explain our needs, the inevitable effects of parental issues on their children and the current situation in the Middle East.

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Music by Constantinos Lemesios, Produced and mixed by Constantinos Lemesios and George Solonos, Mastered by Andy Wilson Mastering Artwork by Panayiotis Nikolaou


Guitars :: Constantinos Lemesios, George Solonos, Andreas Vasiliou, Bass :: Nektarios Cassar, Drums :: Constantinos Pavlides, Petros Kkallis, Keyabords :: Aristos Christodoulou, Violin :: Stavros Pipinis.


1. Little Boy
2. Adorine
3. Picture Perfect
4. The Eights
5. Stepping Down
6. No Fret

About Constantinos Lemesios

A Goldsmiths University of London graduate, Lemesios is a Cyprus-based composer and performer. He has just released his debut album Dysphasia, currently available on all major online stores.

Lemesios has composed music for a number of short films, including “Natas” (2017) and “Sanctioned” (2016) by Harry Ayiotis, “The River” (2015) and “Dent de lion” (2012) by Georgia Nicolaou and “Milk Cy” (2012) by Phaedon-Z. He has also composed music for documentaries, including Cyprus Police Documentary “Αστυνομία Κύπρου” (2016) by Petros Charalambous, and for educational videos, such as YouthPower Audiovisual Course (2013) by Phaedon-Z. He has participated in numerous other projects as a sound designer, sound producer and sound engineer.

As a performer, Lemesios uses live looping to transform solo performances into multipart pieces combining the guitar, bass, vocals and often unconventional sound-making items such as tin cans. His goal is to use the loop machine as a second, third or fourth instrument, in addition to it being an improvisation tool.

As an accomplished guitarist and vocalist, Lemesios has also been performing with local rock bands. In 2013 he founded a six-piece cover band, called The Tease. Lemesios is the lead singer and the person behind the orchestration and production. His influences include Jeff Buckley, Queens of the Stone Age, Radiohead, Pink Floyd, Leo Brouwer, György Ligeti, Clint Mansell and Moderat.


Dysphasia (EP - 2017)

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Constantinos Pavlides :: Drums, Nektarios Cassar :: Bass Guitar, Andreas Rat Hadjipandelis :: Electric Guitar and Live Electronics, Antonis Koumbari :: Electric Guitar, Constantinos Lemesios :: Guitar & Vocals, Nicole Ardanitou :: Backing Vocals
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