DEATH METAL from Hungary at its finest form! Needless' debut album release - 'HERESY' - is out and ready to groundbreak the metal community for 2019. Forty minutes of exceptional technical death and thrash metal blending musicianship finished with massive production.

The Stench of chaos! Unfloding curse rules, Shatters through the land of Shinar. Dystopia! Crumbling walls shake, Serpents bite the titanic tower.

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 13 July 2019


1. Babel's Fall
2. The Monolith
3. Starcult
4. Prophet of Ivory
5. Marked by a Black Sigil
6. On a Journey Sublunaris
7. Night of the Hunt
8. Sky Burial

Artwork Information,

The genius goergous design is from a german cover artist, Maximilian Wagner.


Dwelling into the depths of ages, 'Heresy' takes You to a musical journey through different myths, philosophies and religious beliefs, to show the marrow of humanity's true nature and it's place in this world.


Earthborn - Demo, 2009
The Dark Spirit of Ages - EP, 2015
✔ Heresy - Full Length, 2019


Tamás Bárány - Guitars, Fogl Botond - Guitars, László Bánfalvi - Bass, Zoltán Németh - Drums, Ádám Forczek - Vocals/Lyrics