Experience first hand the journey of a warrior, from battles of the mind, to bloody battles on the field. This debut album by Prophets Of The Apocalypse will assault your world with their unique brand of Dark Thrash War Metal!

Driven by a fury of double-bass war drums, this epic invasion carries the listener through tales of Medieval conflict, with old school Thrash vocals merging with elements of Blackened Death styles. The ferociously raw, yet technical guitars of veteran frontman Pete Serro, will satisfy those craving some shred.

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 20 July 2018

War Metal EP was recorded in Tennessee, USA. Written and recorded in 2018 by Pete Serro (ex-Strychnine, ex-Northwinds), the sole focus of this album is to continue the resurrection of Pure Thrash Metal. Fans of Testament, Slayer, Coroner, Destruction, Sodom and Kreator will headbang fiercely to Prophets Of The Apocalypse.


1. A Prelude To War
2. Battle Eyes (1st single)
3. Storm The Gates
4. Bleed To Death
5. Breathe
6. Step Into Your Mind
7. Exit Eternity


PROPHETS OF THE APOCALYPSE is the rebirth of Epic Dark Thrash Metal. A fire was burning deep within that could not be extinguished. An ember waiting to explode into a fury of destruction.

There was only one focus...fierce headbanging METAL! We unleashed our army of pure Thrash maniacs. Our only goal is to assault your senses and invade your lands.

Our first attack is set for 2018. We have been preparing for battle since 2017, after rebuilding Apocalypse Studios in Tennessee, USA.


War Metal - EP, 2018


Pete Serro All instruments, Vocals
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