Pete Sero's project - Prophets Of The Apocalypse just released Snake Pit Of Lies single! Eight minutes of RAW/War Metal blended with aggressive vocals, chaotic solos and Pete's intense feeling. An exceptional metal veteran artist who never disappoints with his releases.

Stay tuned as Heavy Metal OTD will soon conduct an interview with him for a deeper scan of his life and work.

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Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 03 May 2019

Snake Pit Of Lies, picks up where the War Metal album leaves off. Prophets Of The Apocalypse share their desolate vision of ancient wars and the darkness of human conflict.

An infernal spectrum of Thrash, Death, & Black Metal conjures a heavy, persuasive, and forceful sound, ripe with the smell of death.

Impending Doom with the bombing of ferocious double-bass drumming, haunting vocals, and cosmic melodic guitar solos, skews your senses. Thrash metal created in its raw and unpolished form, narrates all the brutality and bloodiness of the war.

Vocal styles meld elements of Blackened Thrash & even Death Metal! Aficionados of Speed Metal and old school Thrash will lust for more battle hymns from Prophets Of The Apocalypse.

Pete's Endorsement,

Randall Amplifiers
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PROPHETS OF THE APOCALYPSE is the rebirth of Epic Dark Thrash Metal. A fire was burning deep within that could not be extinguished. An ember waiting to explode into a fury of destruction.

There was only one focus...fierce headbanging METAL! We unleashed our army of pure Thrash maniacs. Our only goal is to assault your senses and invade your lands.

Our first attack is set for 2018. We have been preparing for battle since 2017, after rebuilding Apocalypse Studios in Tennessee, USA.


Snake Pit Of Lies - Single Release, 2019
War Metal - EP, 2018


Pete Serro All instruments, Vocals // Exclusively plays S.I.T. Stings
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