The polish stoner/doom metal band 'The Howling Eye' has just released it's debut full length album 'Sonorous'. The record contains five tracks of total running time 50minutes. Band describes it's work as Improvised psychedelic trips grounded by funky beats and post-doom riffs. I personally loved their sound and i will keep an eye on these guys from now on! Grab your copy at their BandCamp

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 18 August 2018


1. Kairos
2. Stranded
3. Reflections
4. The Potion
5. Weedblazer


The Howling Eye is a stoner rock trio that mixes energetic stoner rock with funky grooves and mellow space rock improvisations. Inspired by Sleep's heavy riffs, All Them Witches' vocal work and the shrilling guitar tone of Jimi Hendrix, the band experiments with stoner rock, injecting it with elements of p-funk and progressive rock.

The band was formed in 2016, when stoner rock-loving friends Hubert ‘Cebula’ Lewandowski (drums, vocals), Jan Chojnowski (guitar) and Miłosz Wojciechowski (bass) decided to build a local scene. After releasing the stoner doom metal EP "Dying Sun," the trio shifted toward a more psychedelic and vigorous sound.

Now, after almost two years, the band has numerous shows under its belt. The most notable one was with space rock legend Yuri Gagarin at Pub Kraken in Chorzów, Poland. The Howling Eye's discography was recently expanded with "Sonorous," a full-length album that is a reflection of the band's current musical style.


Dying Sun (EP - 2017)
Unspoken Mantra (Single - 2017)
Sonorous (Full Length - 2018)

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Jan Chojnowski - Guitar :: Miłosz Wojciechowski - Bass :: Hubert 'Cebula' Lewandowski - Drums, Vocals
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