Verminlord’s music has always seemed honest, free of artifice or calculation, devoted to an intensely personal expression of thoughts and feelings, and not tightly hemmed-in by genre convention. Sojourn is no different in that respect from previous releases, and the impressions it creates aren’t easily cast off, even though the music is so persistently dark and so often unnerving.
It also may be the high point of Verminlord’s emotionally involving songcraft, as well as a welcome sign that this project is still alive and flourishing in the darkness. -- NCS

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 27 September 2018

In 2017, I had an incredible opportunity to move to Bangkok, Thailand. Over the nine months I lived there I travelled across Thailand, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Korea. I pilgrimaged to ancient temples, worshiped bestial deities, researched Thai occult Buddhism, meditated under century old trees, and explored occult black markets all with guitar in hand.

SOJOURN is a reflection of the knowledge and experiences I gained from this journey. If you've ever enjoyed my work I think you will find this new release above satisfactory.


1. Shed Your Skin
2. Phra Rahu
3. Sojourn


Verminlord emerged from an earthen dungeon in the Pacific North West and now resides in the Hellscape of Los Angeles.

Combining atmospheric depressive black metal with blackened hymns from the darkness. While the lyrical content and guitar-work paint a dark vision of demonology, and vile knowledge.

Vermin Lord is vehemently anti-NSBM/neo-nazi/white supremacy or any form of hate/discrimination.


🎧 Verminlord (Demo - 2016)
🎧 Anguish (EP - 2016)
She Loves Me, She Loves Me Not (Single - 2017)
🎧 Visions of a Cursed Warlock (EP - 2017)
🎧 Mourning (Full Length - 2017)
🎧 Verminlord / Nihtwintre (Split - 2017)
🎧 Prodigy of a Dying Faith (Single - 2017)
🎧 Sojourn (EP - 2018)

One Man Project,

Teo Acosta