Wrathrone strikes hard with their sophomore album titled fittingly ”Reflections of Torment”. It's safe to say that these Finnish death dealers have really found their rotten groove and sound on this bestial offering! Rumbling double guitars, low-grinding bass with blasting drums topped with unearthly growls.

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 29 April 2018

Uncompromising cover art by Pierre Perichaud of Business for Satan depicts the horrors and defiled themes of the album perfectly!


1. Throne
2. End of Your Sanity
3. Gut Goddess
4. Bloodline
5. Dead Inside Me
6. Bloodshroud
7. When All Light Died
8. Through Desolate Passage
9. Last Journey North
10. By Dawn They'll Hang


Wrathrone delivers a heavy dose of old school death metal with their own spices. The band was formed in the end of 2008. So far, the band has released 2 EP's; Burning Hatred (2011), Left Unburied (2013) and the first full length album, Born Beneath, released in January 2016. The album got nice coverage in the metal media and the metal heads received it well all round.

The early years Wrathrone performed occasionally, picking up the pace during the years. As the second EP was released, also the amount of gigs started to grow rapidly. In the spring 2013, Wrathrone also ventured abroad to perform for the first time. As of today, the band has delivered about 70 shows. Besides Finland, Wrathrone's been to Poland, Germany and the Baltic countries several times. During 2016, we had three separate tours abroad. As the show frequency has grown, the band has reached really high level in performance, crushing the stage every night.

Our sophomore album “Reflections of Torment” was recorded during the autumn of 2017 at V.R. Studio in Turku and mixed/mastered at Wolfthrone Studios. It will be released by Satanath Records with The Void Records in CD and digital formats in April 2018 and by Cimmerian Shade Recordings in vinyl and tape formats in September 2018.


  • "Burning Hatred" EP, 2011, self released
  • "Left Unburied" EP, 2013, self released
  • "Born Beneath", full-length album, 2016, Inverse Records
  • "Reflecions of Torment", full length album, 2018, Satanath Records & The VOID Records


Matti Vehmas - Vocals Vili Mäkinen - Guitar & backing vocals Lauri Holm - Guitar Pekka Wärri - Bass Mikael Ruoho - Drums

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