Yomi is a Japanese folk metal band, influenced by bands such as Skyforger, God of Shamisen and many other bands, as well as Oriental metal in general. Band recently released their 3rd full-length opus 'Land of the Rising Sun' and it is an exceptional one. Head down to their BandCamp page to grab your e-copy.

Article by Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 06 Dec 2018


1. Reduced to Ashes
2. Dread
3. Path of Decay
4. Katsu!
5. Before the Moon Rose
6. Sakura
7. Stone Walls of Hakata
8. Land of the Rising Sun
9. Divine Winds
10. Genko no Uta


  • 1. Age of the Gods Demo
  • 2. Age of the Gods Full Length
  • 3. Genpei Full Length
  • 4. Land of the Rising Sun Full Length


Yomi is a Japanese folk-metal band from Latvia, inspired by acts such as Skyforger, God of Shamisen, Yoshida Brothers and Oriental metal in general. The band's music combines heavy death, black and doom metal riffs with traditional Japanese melodies, telling about legends, myths and history of Japan.

Yomi was formed in 2013 by Khurr (folk-instruments, vocals) and Andrey (drums) in Riga, Latvia. After a number of line-ups and several changes in style, the band broke up after a year due to the lack of time of the members. Nevertheless, during this time the first songs, which would later be included in the debut album, were composed, and on their basis the band was reformed in 2014, adding Isaz (guitar), Tom (bass) and Stephanie (drums).

In 2015 Yomi released a demo record, Age of the Gods, which later the same year was re-recorded as a full-fledged album with an addition of two new songs. The album draws its inspiration from the earliest Japanese tales and chronicles, delving in the most ancient legends and myths. After hitting a number of stages both at home and abroad, the band released their second album titled Genpei in 2016. This time the songs tell of the Classical period of Japanese history and the first true samurai war, which happened between two great families of the period - Taira and Minamoto. This period of the band's activity was closed by performing at Zobens un Lemess Open Air 2017, the first major festival in Yomi's career.

In another round of line-up changes, Stephanie and Isaz left the band, Tom transferred to guitar, Andrey returned to his position as a drummer, and a new member - Dima - has been introduced on bass. During the same time, the band has started working on a new album, dedicating it to the Mongol invasion of Japan (1273 - 1281). The album - titled Land of the Rising Sun - was released on November 9, 2018.


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