"Wherever your allegiance lies, be it Metal or Punk, you should not be disappointed with 'Urban Hell Rhythmics'. And please do not hesitate to check it out live if the opportunity arises. You will not regret it!" by (Miloš Šebalj)

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1. Artificial
2. D.I.Y. 666
3. Hymns for the Black Mass
4. Vertex
5. Back to the Underground
6. Digital Degeneration
7. Devil of My Life
8. Deny the System
9. Countess of Dominion


Formed in 2008 by bassist/vocalist Valax, Black Pestilence has been known for their unique sounding black metal by combining grimy punk rock with electronic noise. In 2009, Black Pestilence's first full-length album, "Vice" was independently released. “Vice” was originally released as a one-man solo project. Founding member, Valax later recruited live members in order to take the music to the live stage. Valax simply describes the music as "black metal built on punk and noise." The album scored favourable reviews on various metal websites such as The Metal Observer and Metal Storm.

In 2011, "Tradition is Obsolete" was released. This album was a representation of Black Pestilence's more experimental side with a strong emphasis placed on electronic noise and samples. Shortly after the release of this album, Black Pestilence performed at the annual Calgary Noctis Metal Festival.

Two years later In 2013, Black Pestilence released their third full-length album, “In Defiance”. The title track, "In Defiance" was the first music video filmed by the band. The video was filmed on the Calgary Stampede Grounds.

In 2015 Black Pestilence released their fourth studio album, "Outsiders". This album featured the song, "Unseen Force" which went on to be released as the second music video for the band.

By early 2016 the band had started the year off with a busy schedule by releasing a 4 track EP, “Carry on the Black Flame” and embarking on an Eastern European tour.

In 2018, Black Pestilence released their fifth full length album, Urban Hell Rhythmics.


Vice Full-length, 2009
Tradition Is Obsolete Full-length, 2011
In Defiance Full-length, 2013
Outsiders Full-length, 2015
Urban Hell Rhythmics Full-length, 2018

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Little V :: Drums, Valax :: All instruments - Vocals, Viktor :: Guitars
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