Built-in Obsolescence is a musical project born in Riccione (Italy) in 2010. The band started composing songs inspired to various metal genres, developing in time a sound akin to Alternative and Progressive Metal with Post Rock and Ambient influences. Introspective and dark themes are intertwined with the band instrumental composition, leading to vivid journeys into humanity's behaviours, its hopes and troubles.

Article by Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 10 May 2018


1. Dance of Falling Leaves
2. Sine Requie
3. The Wave
4. Ground Launch Sequencer
5. Project: Almaz
6. Watching the Wake
7. Shara
8. Lashes
9. Biotronic
10. AD 9878
11. Ecdysis

Instar is a phase of development in the life of arthropods. The animal periodically leaves its vital protection, its exoskeleton. Then, soft and vulnerables are ready to new growth and a new armour will form. In this LP the human being is seen as a moulting insect, changing shape, but nonetheless ever connected to a greater ambient embracing him.

The album concept is expressed through stories and abstract lyrics revolving around hopes and delusions, reality and illusions. Narration starts with Dance of Falling Leaves, an abrupt realisation of the inexorable flow of time in which are scattered mellow memories. Time soothe man like the breeze lull leaves on trees. The same time that strips leaves from branches and delusions from minds. This is a recurring image in the subsequent songs. The album end with a long, abstract and profound composition: Ecdysis is humanity's last observation of itself, out of space and time, before embracing change.

Songs' Concept,

Dance of Falling Leaves (07:48) featuring Daniela Moroncelli (Cello) Time can't come back. Joy and damnation at the same time, it lull us with memories and make us fall like autumn leaves.

Sine Requie (07:35) featuring Alexios Ciancio (Tuvan Throat Singing) Inspired by the homonym tabletop RPG setting. The deads rise on Normandy shores, hungry for the flesh of the living, leading to an epoch of dark survival. In our world people wake up every day without questions, hungry for success and full of contempt towards the fellow man. Nessuna pietà, nessuna tregua, solo cieca ferocia.

The Wave (07:04) A mailman works on and on, deep within a metropolis, never seeing the world outside. One day he decide to climb onto the highest part of the city to watch the world beyond the city. All he sees is a gargantuan wave of concrete houses.

Project: Almaz (04:40) The Russian space station carries an cosmonaut, proud and satisfied with his career. The station is attacked and destroyed. The cosmonaut dreams burn with him, falling into the atmosphere. With his last thought he hopes to become a shooting star, the wish of someone on heart.

Shara (05:51) A sign in the sky. Shamans foretell the coming of the outside world. An aboriginal tribe betrays its roots and surrender to consumerism.

Lashes (07:34) Ancient Rome. A man sacrifice himself to save his son. Only in his dying time he will become aware of the uselessness of his act. History beyond him will be  stained by blood anyway.

Biotronic (05:43) Everything is born to be undone. The universe favours change. Man forgets as fast as he change instruments. Machines dominate man as man dominates the Creator.

Ad 9878 (04:03) The frenetic race of an increasingly uncommunicative man through epochs, toward a future of uncertainty.

Ecdysis (09:39) featuring Daniela Moroncelli (Cello) The event horizon of humanity. A metaphysical entity, definable as the spirit of man, observe its history from outside space and time. It sees itself as part of an everything in motion. It witness its change to something else, something it cannot know, cannot discern. "Ecdysis" is the biological phenomenon in which arthropods leave their former exoskeleton to became a new, different version of themselves.

Alexios Ciancio (Deadly Carnage, Omega, Martyr Lucifer, Tha Goblvnz March): Tuvan Throat Singing on Sine Requie. Daniela Moroncelli: Cello on Dance of Falling Leaves, Watching The Wake and Ecdysis.


  • ABEL - EP (2014)
  • INSTAR - LP (2018)


Built-in Obsolescence is a project born in Riccione in late 2010, stemmed from an idea of Paolo Sanchi (vocals) and Alex Semprini (guitar). Then longtime friend Gianmarco Ciotti (guitar) joins the band, followed by Valerio Biagini (bass) and Bruno Galli (drums). The five members come from different musical genres such hard rock, punk, rock 'n' roll, progressive metal and crossover. Their idea is to create a band with a hard, metal sound, but open to various and diverse inspirations. B.I.O. start early composing original material, part of which is recorded on their first EP, ABEL, in 2013.

In 2015 the band members are struck by powerful performances during a concert (The Ocean / Mono / Sólstafir). This experience inspired them so that they started to explore post-rock and post-metal structures, blended with progressive influences. A new piece is born on the spur of the moment: Dance of Falling Leaves becomes a milestone marking a new way of composing. Songs become more articulate and long. Heavy and oneiric sounds are paired with apocalyptic and introspective lyrics conveying humanity's hopes and troubles.

Their first LP, instar, is released in April 2018. It was recorded, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Pasini at Studio 73 (Ravenna - Italy)


Valerio Biagini - bass guitar Gianmarco Ciotti - guitar Bruno Galli - drums Paolo Sanchi - vocals Alex Semprini - guitar

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