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The four-piece from Linz surprised many of the people present, because despite their youthful age, were able to show high – class playing.

Classic, strong 80s Thrash / Speed Metal could be heard in the “Rockhouse” and tackled many a decent grin in the face.

Even visually, the four appeared as directly from the 80s - tight pants, bullet belts and white sneakers

  • CHAINBREÄKER have internalized the straighten thrash not only musically but also visually.
  • Stormbringer Magazine Live Review „Metal for Jakob“, 18.03.2017

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 18 April 2018


1. Merciless Eyes
2. Wasteland City
3. Oldschool Attitude
4. Fuck Shit Up
5. Breaking the Chains
6. Awakening of Evil
7. Mind Control
8. Blood for Blood
9. Rain of Ruin
10. Acid Attack


Chainbreäker was founded in the Spring of 2015 by Luke Savage on Vocals and Steve Ironizer on Guitar.

In a rush of beers and wine they started to write and work on the first songs including "Breaking the Chains" and "Old School Attitude" when Chris Speedfire who’s also a guitarist joined in Summer.

Full of energy and motivation the trio wrote songs, drank tons of beers and was looking out for other members to complete the lineup.

Chris brought his buddy Prof. Insanity to one of the sessions and after the first minutes of playing it was clear that Chainbreäker finally have a drummer who is on the same wavelength as the trio. Jan Chainsmöker on the Bassguitar completed the lineup in the end of 2015 as he convinced the other members with his outstanding skills and fast finger playing.

In early 2016 Chainbreäker recorded their first Demo/EP called “Awakening of Evil” which was released in September.

This Demo included 6 Songs and was recorded independently in their Rehearsalroom and Chainsmöker’s basement and the Band got a lot of good Feedback for it in the Underground Scene. Shortly after their highly visited EP – Release Party in Linz, Singer Luke left the band due to personal reasons and Chris Speedfire took over the Microphone additional to his duty as one of the guitarists.

At that time the band played many shows and the songs became faster and tighter, so their style changed from more of a Heavy Metal Feel to a straight and fast Thrash Attack.

Since then Chainbreäker reached distinction in Austria’s and Bavaria’s Underground Metal Scene and are known for their energizing, aggressive and fast live shows.

Currently, the Band is planning to record their debut album with the goal to show the world how they have increased and developed since their Demo and to capture the aggression and energy from their live performances.



Christoph Ley (Guitar & Vocals) - Stefan Bruckner (Guitar & Backvox) - Jan Fisselberger (Bass & Backvox) - Jürgen Lengauer (Drums)
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