Lamentation and Ardent Fire was recorded at Nightside Studio & Truga Studio and mastered at Endarker Studio Sweden by Magnus Devo Andersson (Marduk) in January 2018. Cover artwork was painted by Misanthropic-Art. Album features seven songs and it was released on Godz ov War Productions.

Post By Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: 16 Oct. 2018


1. Profanity Galore
2. I Am…
3. Rime
4. A Race Without Hope
5. Gaps of Existence
6. The Dead Sleep With Their Eyes Open
7. Night


Dalkhu was formed in 2003 by J.G. The first additional member to join was Kalki on drums. J.G. and Kalki recorded a demo Ars Goetia in 2006. After a few line up changes Jurij and Berstuk joined and Dalkhu recorded its first album Imperator, released on 6th October 2010. When Berstuk left the replacement on vocals was P.Ž. who joined in 2012.

With the departure of Kalki and Jurij in 2014, Dalkhu went to studio to record their critically acclaimed second full-length album "Descend... into Nothingness" which was released in 2015. We are honoured the album was on many lists for one of the best albums of 2015. In 2016 J.G. started working on new songs, taking Dalkhu again on a slightly different musical path. It was always a goal for Dalkhu to make every album sound different and stand on its own.

Half way through the writing process former drummer Kalki rejoined the band and Lucerus from another black metal band Cvinger joined on vocals. As a trio Dalkhu entered studio to record their third album ‘Lamentation and Ardent Fire’ in different stages throughout the second half of 2017.


Ars Goetia (Demo - 2008)
Imperator (Full Length - 2010)
Descend… into Nothingness (Full Length - 2015)
Lamentation and Ardent Fire (Full Length - 2018)


Lucerus – Vocals, J.G. – Guitars & Bass, Kalki – Drums
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