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by Kostas for Heavy Metal OTD Network :: Posted on March 04, 2018

Hellsingland come from Sweden. The band spews forth one epic dirge of supreme underground Black Metal. They have successfully built the time machine which will guide you through your Journey to the early '90s Norwegian era.


Erik Hillströms formed the band one year ago with Peter "Kråkan" Jonsson (2017). They are also in to another band named Korp. Both of them shared the same vision of creating something together.

Some black metal the way they wanted it.

With the passion and feeling of bands from the early 90's started recording their own stuff. They recorded 2 songs and put them out on Spotify and YouTube. In late 2017 they made Guitars and Vocals for a 16min song called Svårmod.

At that time they wanted real drums so they contacted an old friend, Henka Lindenmo to join forces. After this period of time they started recording demos as trio band. The material of the band is self-published.


  • I den mörkaste tiden jag dör (Single Release), 2017
  • Svårmod (Single Release), 2018
  • Tystnaden (EP Release), 2018
  • Skuggornas välde (Single Release), 2018

The Band,

Currently consisting of 3 members: : Peter "Kråkan" Jonsson - Guitar, Erik Hillströms - Vocals, Henka Lindenmo (January 2018)- Drums, Bass, Vocals, Keyboards & Guitar

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