Groovy verse riffs, heavy and diversified breakdowns, epic lead passages culminating in melodic refrains. Punchy drum rythms in conjunction with a wiry bass sound are underlining the song dynamic. Accompanied by the variety of the two vocalists and guitarists, Half Past Eight generates a distinctive sound.

Founded in 2011 the four-membered metalband from Mannheim, Germany released their debut EP „Instability“ which was completely self recorded, mixed and mastered on November 30, 2014. Social criticism, sustainability and self-determination are the leitmotif of the cd's six songs. After numerous concerts HPE can resort to a longtime stage experience.

The next milestone in the band's history is the publication of the first LP-album „Of Loss and Belief“ on March 31, 2018 which deals with afterlife, the handling of losses and different beyond imaginations. The lyrical spectrum is reflected in the songs arrangements and cover a lot of metal genres.

With their Debut, it is not easy to assign band a specific genre of metal, because many influences (e.g. Core, Thrash, Death and Groove, (Punk)rock) played a role in the songwriting.

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1. 🎧 Of Loss and Belief
2. The Black Tides of Styx
3. Forsaken and Divided
4. Agitator
5. Memoria
6. Samsara
7. 🎧 Saligia
8. A Valkyries Martyrdom
9. Totentantz
10. Sekai no Yami
11. Afterlife
12. Sustained

Each one of these songs has it's own story.

The title track „Of Loss and Belief“ deals with the general topic of losses and faiths/beliefs. Therefore the lyrics deal with incomprehensibility, the pain of losses and the lack of understanding in such situations („Nothing lasts forever, fate is fate, but fuck this I'm not made of stone“). The situation after a personal loss is described metaphorically by the habitation in a big and empty room with white walls. The attempt to explain mortality you only fall deeper into incomprehensibilty and loneliness („Turn on the light, forsaken, left behind. Starve in a hall, staring at giant white walls.“). Only acceptance can slowly lead to an understanding („Turn off the light, my mind will blaze the night. Live in a hall, reading from giant white walls.“). Every experience prepares the human being for it's end. Loneliness is the worst feeling, when you experience a loss, even though losses belong to life: „All that we feel, all that we see, prepares a soul for eternity. On a lonesome road a heart feels deceived, an all knowing owl sings songs of loss and belief. “

The song „Forsaken & Divided“ deals with a similar topic, with the call for a beloved person, but also with sustainability in regard of environmentally awareness. „The Black Tides of Styx“, „Samsara“ and „A Valkyries Martyrdom“ focus on different beyond imaginations (greek mythology, hindustic/buddhistic belief, northern mythology). While „The Black Tides of Styx“ tells the story of a soul's journey to the greek nether world and its trip with the ferryman Charon across the nether world river Styx, which by reason of another treachearous soul ends in Styx's black tides and eternal damnation, „Samsara“ is all about the circle of life and death and the basics of Karma.

In „A Valkyries Martyrdom“ the listener is guided to a battlefield and a fight scenery between pagan vikings and christians. One of the northern warriors is taking his last breaths. A valkyrie shall bring his brave soul to Valhall. Simultaneously demons from hell try to take his unchristened soul to inferno. The fight is transferred to a mythical level. Sacrifising her own life the valkyrie manages to send the soul across Bifröst to Valhall.

„SALIGIA“ is a medieval acronym (latin) acronym for the seven deadly sins. In our song we describe the ubiquity of these deficits and human fallibilities (metaphorically: „the seven snakes slither their way, to witness oncoming doomsday“). For this track we released a music video on February 16: With „Memoria“ we offer an even-tempered interlude that shall reflect the remembrance (the memoria) thorugh its ruminant character. „Samsara“ brings back the heavyness of this metal album.

The tracks „Agitator“, „Sekai no Yami“ and the bonus title „Sustained“ diverge from the albums main topic by putting self-determination and independent activeness forward.

The only song with a german title „Totentanz“ picks up the well known Totentanz-motif which says that death treats every person the same way, no matter if you are a king or a beggar („take off your crown, won’t need it where you’re going“). The lyrics are written from death's view who is dancing with his „protégés“ to the afterworld.

„Afterlife“ with its epic chorus and interlude forms the conclusion and deals lyrically with the basic topic of our album. In particular we want to stress the lack of knowledge about what is awaiting us in the beyond („with the ignorance of what awaits, we are entering an empty space“ und der Klassiker „dead men tell no tales“).


Band formed back in 2011, Johannes, former bassist Max, and Florian, knew from school and started playing together. Soon thereafter Kevin joined, whom got to know over youtube, because he did guitar covers just like Flo and another youtuber advised him of his channel.

Band started rehearsing and writing songs, named themselves Half Past Eight (short HPE) and played the first live gig in December 2012. Until now they have played far over 50 gigs and shared the stage with various bands (best known should be Deadlock).

Some of the influences are: Trivium, Machine Head, Lamb of God, Amon Amarth, August Burns Red.



Florian Schreiber (Guitars / Vocals), Kevin Grygosch (Guitars / Vocals), Daniel Fabian (Bass), Johannes Guttowski (Drums)
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