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Take advantage of our 7 Days campaign and make your Band sounds louder Worldwide!

☄ What the '7Days campaign' includes and How does it cost?

✅ 7 Days of Hard Working Campaign!

✅ Posts to several Heavy Metal Pages in a total of 1M followers.

UnderWorld Map Membership.

UnderWorld Map is an Application developed by us - a Google Map where bands pin their entity and when a user clicks on the marker a popup shows various Band Info! This popup can be Text, Image or Video/Soundcloud
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✅ Better exposure in collaboration with external websites.

✅ Collaboration with Internet Radios for air playing.

✅ Dedicated article for Heavy Metal OTD website.

✅ Email Creation - YOURBANDNAME@heavymetalonthisday.com

✅ Custom Link Creation - Type of /YOURBANDNAME

Custom Link can be used as a redirector to a landing page of your choice or even better as a hosting provider for your website files.

The option of Custom Website Development is also available

✅ Profile Creation to Heavy Metal Portals

✅ Creation of Forum Articles

✅ Proof-of-Work

Proof-of-Work is a private platform developed by us where band-members login and check all of our actions! The platform is updated real time! Option of Expand My Campaign is also available.

✅ Greek Wiki Article [If applicable]

✅ The cost is as low as 10.00€ per 7 days of Campaign - For monthly deals the price is lower so drop us a line.

✅ Not satisfied? No problem! We will refund the whole amount


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