The beast has awaken. The mighty Mutilator is back!

Article by: Kostas Dahmer

The original founding member of two of the most extreme and influencial bands of Greek Metal Scene back in the day - Rotting Christ & Varathron - welcomes a new, promising, demonic era!

After his successful comeback with the Brazilians, 'Mystifier', on their latest long awaited, full length "Protogoni Mavri Magiki Dynasteia" and his participation in the Greek Black Metal project 'Medieval Demon', Mutilator sets afire on his own unholy empire the so called Yoth Iria!

Jim's currently in George Emmanuel's 'Pentagram Studio' recording Yoth Iria's debut EP that it's going to be released later this year on Repulsive Echo.

Both band and label haven't published any material online to keep the mystery sealed and alive. Yoth Iria will be a blending of Heavy tunes, Doom Rites, Black Unoly Scriptures and Majestic Darkness. Can't wait for that one.

Until then show your love and support to the band by visiting and following their official page on Facebook! Yoth Iria

Rotting Christ Live Rose Club, Koln, 22 Dec 1993

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Yoth Iria
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