Reaper's Revenge

'Virtual Impulse' Release 2018

Reaper's Revenge

The band was founded in 2013 to impress the world’s headbangers with their selfwritten music.

As soon as the line up was completed the band started to work on their first album. “Wall Of Fear And Darkness” was released in October 2014.

It includes nine energetic songs which got excellent reviews in the german metal scene.Since that REAPER’S REVENGE played gigs all over Germany.

Some highlights were the gigs on Stormcrusher Open Air, Hell’s Kitchen Fest and Wacken Metal Battle.

Meanwhile the band started to write songs for the next album. Also a new guitarist was found really quickly.The result of the songwriting process is the new album “Virtual Impulse”.

It includes ten songs and will be released on 3rd of February 2018. The whole album was produced by the band itself like it was done with “Wall Of Fear And Darkness”.

The routes of the bands music are still clear, even though, they managed to enhance their style to a new level. REAPER’S REVENGE will heat up the metal scene with an energetic combination of Power and Thrash Metal.

Virtual Impulse full length came out on 3rd February, 2018

Heavy Metal handled with care on this!Exceptional vocals and well blended production. Team worked hard to establish a smooth connection between catchy melodies, straight basslines and aggressive double bass drums! The final craft is a must for lovers of Heavy/Power Tunes!

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